Eurotop Mattress

Eurotop Mattress

What is a eurotop mattress? A eurotop is very similar to a pillow top, but is more “squared off” in appearance. Like pillow tops, eurotops feature extra comfort layers that provide an extremely soft feel. However, the europtop offers several more of these layers than the pillow top. The layers are sewn at the edge of the bed so there is no gusset.

A eurotop mattress is so soft that some compare it to sleeping on a fluffy cloud. It even has a puffy, cloud-like appearance. For many sleepers the extra softness provides the additional comfort and relaxation they need to fall asleep more easily.

Like pillow tops, euros are excellent for side and back sleepers, but if you’re a stomach sleeper it may be too soft for your liking. If you’re used to sleeping on a firm mattress you may have difficulty adapting to a eurotop mattress.

Retain a Consistent Sleeping Position With a Eurotop Mattress

In addition to the extra softness, the eurotop mattress is slightly bigger than the pillow top. It has a larger surface area, which is an important consideration if you have a sleep partner.

The ability to sink into the mattress may help you retain a consistent sleeping position and minimize rolling. Some eurotops have higher density foams such as memory foam and latex, which are also more durable and tend to retain shape longer, which can increase the time between mattress replacements.


We Have Many Eurotops Available!

Dr Snooze offers a wide selection of eurotop and plush eurotop mattresses that can provide that soft, comforting sleep experience you crave. We carry an assortment of eurotop innerspring mattresses from manufacturers you know and trust.

We offer mattresses in all sizes. Whether you require a king or queen eurotop mattresses, you’ll find the exact mattress you need at a price you can afford.


You Can’t Beat Our Eurotop Mattress Prices!

Speaking of prices, you’re assured of getting the lowest possible price for your new mattress at Dr Snooze. We back this claim with our Beat Any Price Guarantee. If you find a lower price for the same mattress anywhere else within 45 days of delivery, we will refund the difference plus up to 15%. You won’t have any sleepless nights from worrying that you paid too much for your mattress!


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