Memory Gel Foam Mattresses

Memory foam was first developed by NASA engineers in the mid-1960s. Initially expensive to produce, its use was limited to experimental and certain clinical applications. In recent years, falling prices have led to memory foam becoming a popular alternative to conventional spring-based mattresses.

Gel memory foam is a newly-developed refinement of this technology which corrects a number of the problems many sleepers have with first-generation mattresses. Gel is infused throughout the memory foam, improving airflow and comfort, contributing to a better night’s sleep in almost any condition.

Benefits of Gel Memory Foam

Gel memory foam is a newer technology that offers a number of benefits over a conventional memory foam mattress or top. While you still get the superior comfort and support of memory foam, gel mattresses provide improved circulation that allows your body heat to dissipate more fully, keeping you cool all night long.

A gel memory foam mattress also offers firmer support and greater pressure relief than first-generation technology, making them better for individuals with neck and spine conditions, or for back and stomach sleepers. Gel also responds faster to changes in sleep position and other movement — perfect if you share a bed with someone who is prone to tossing and turning.

Shop Gel Memory Foam Mattresses at Dr Snooze

From twin sized to California king, you’ll find a great selection of memory foam gel mattresses at Dr Snooze. Browse our current inventory below or contact us by phone or email for more information. You can also stop by our Ocala showroom to try out different products in person.

One of our most popular gel memory foam mattresses is the Simmons Curv series, which features an innovative pattern design and a lightweight knit fabric cover. Other bestselling products include the iComfort Everfeel and the iMattress XS 5.

How to Choose the Right Gel Foam Mattress for You

A mattress is something you’ll use almost every night — a general rule of thumb is to purchase the best unit your budget can afford. At Dr Snooze, we have gel memory foam mattresses at a variety of price points, and each provides excellent value for the money. Thanks to our 30-day comfort guarantee, you can purchase a new memory foam gel mattress with confidence even when you shop online. If you’re not happy with the mattress you’ve chosen, return it and let our team help you choose something more suited to your needs.

Don’t forget, all purchases over $599 qualify for free nationwide shipping and “white glove” setup service. No matter where you are in the country, you can take advantage of Dr Snooze’s lowest prices on quality gel memory foam mattresses — upgrade today and discover how much better your sleep can be!


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