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Buying a mattress can be a confusing, harrowing experience.  While we try and give you all the information that you need to make your decision, sometimes it helps to hear what other people think about what you’re considering. 

That being said, we have found that much of the time, reviews are mostly skewed towards the negative, due to unhappy customers wanting everyone to know about it, and happy customers having better things to do.  Of course, we have Simmons Comforpedic reviews that are placed by customers within each product listing, and recommend checking those out too...but we also have a resident mattress expert that will review the Comforpedic mattress beds for you as well, from a professional, open minded standpoint.


Simmons Comforpedic by Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

There are eight different Comforpedic models, ranging from firm to ultra plush, with every feel in between.  Of course, individual padding layers and construction will vary from model to model, but all of the beds have a few of the same core features.  This is what we will review on Comforpedic mattresses in this section.

Heat Retention:  Comforpedic mattresses are designed to be cooler than other types of memory foam mattresses.  All models are have gel infused foams, they have ventilated edge support, and are made of breathable materials.  You may sleep warmer on a Comforpedic than a regular mattress, since more of your body is in contact with the bed, but it will be much more comfortable than on other memory foam models out there.

Durability:  These mattresses last about the same amount of time as other comparable brands – between 15-20 years.  The warranty is for 25 years.

Support:  Comforpedics, like other memory foam brands, gives excellent back support.  This type of bed keeps your body in it’s most natural position all night long, allowing you to feel refreshed when you wake up.

Pressure Relief:  The amount of cushioning depends on the model chosen.  However, all models offer exceptional pressure relief and will allow you to toss and turn less than a traditional mattress.

Value:  When comparing a Comforpedic to other comparable mattress brands, and when comparing “apples to apples” (similar comfort layers, thickness, density, etc.) the Comforpedic is usually a few hundred dollars less.

Ease of Movement:  Comforpedics are easier to move around on than other brands, due to their proprietary memory foam blend.

Edge Support:  If you’re looking for a bed with a firm edge, then a Comforpedic is not for you.  The edge support is durable, but soft.


Individual Simmons Comforpedic Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

Alive/Advanced Rest Luxury Firm – This mattress is the second firmest option from Comforpedic.  It is ideal for those who like a hard bed, for back sleepers, and for stomach sleepers.  It is one of the easiest mattresses to move around on, so if mobility is an issue, it’s a good choice.  Additionally, at only 9.5”, it will accommodate regular sheets and offers a lower, more traditional profile.

New Life/Renewed Energy Plush Firm – As one of two plush firms in the Comforpedic line-up, it is the most popular of our memory foam mattresses.  This mattress is in between soft and firm, and is great for all types of sleepers.  It is ideal for those who don’t want to sink in too far to the mattress, but who don’t want a firm feel either. 

Nourishing Comfort/Balanced Days Plush – This mattress is the least expensive soft mattress in the line-up.  Designed for side sleepers, you will sink into this mattress and feel cradled all night long.  This mattress can also be slept on by back sleepers, but is often too soft for stomach sleepers.  This mattress is also not recommended for those who have trouble moving around and getting out of bed.

Enlightened Days/Restored Comfort Luxury Plush – This mattress, when compared to the Nourishing Comfort, is a similar softness level.  However, it is slightly firmer due to denser padding foams.  Like the other plush mattresses, this mattress is recommended for side and back sleepers, but may be too soft for stomach sleepers.

Relaxed Nights/Sophisticated Comfort Ultra Plush – This mattress is the softest option from Comforpedic.  It can be difficult to move around in, and is only for those who want to sink into their mattress, and experience a very soft feel.  Side and back sleepers will enjoy this mattress, while stomach sleeping on it is not recommended.  Additionally, heavier people may not be as comfortable on this mattress, due to it’s extreme softness.

Exclusive Comfort/Restored Comfort Firm – The firmest of the Comforpedic line-up, this mattress has little give.  It is great for those who like an extremely firm mattress, or for back or stomach sleepers.  Side sleepers may find this bed too firm.  Additionally, sleepers don’t sink too far into this mattress, they sleep more on top of the bed.  Only those who desire a VERY firm feel should opt for this model.

Elite Comfort/Renewed Spirit Luxury Plush – The second of the luxury plush beds, this mattress has a nice in-between feel, and is great for all types of sleepers.  It has a higher profile of 13.5”, and has 5” of memory foam. 

Legendary Comfort/Sophisticated Rest Plush Firm – This mattress has a feature that none of the others have: it has a layer of PolyWorks gel in the center third of the mattress.  This makes the center third a little firmer, as well as a little cooler.  If heat retention is a problem for you, this mattress is ideal.  It’s also great for all types of sleepers, and is made of high density memory foam.


More Comforpedic by Beautyrest Reviews

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