Rivendos brand mattresses are premium beds at great prices, able to be shipped throughout the US.  These mattresses are layered with the best foams, then compressed and wrapped, boxed, and ready to go into your home.  Dr Snooze can either ship the Rivendos mattress directly to you, or we can set up our traditional White Glove delivery, and remove your old mattress as well.  Rivendos may be new on the block, but they are blowing the competition away!



If immediate pick up, or worry free shipping is your goal, Rivendos delivers.  All sizes fit into the back of an SUV or pick up truck, or in the back seat of many cars.  Just take it home, unbox, and in a few hours, your mattress is ready for your first night's slumber!  Rivendos makes their mattresses specifically to be compressed into a box, they are just as durable as their traditional counterparts, and carry the same 10 year full replacement warranty as the major brands do.  Perfect for bringing to college, setting up a new home or apartment, purchasing for a distant family member, or for someone that isn't interested in waiting for a regular delivery, Rivendos will exceed your expectations of a Bed-in-a-Box mattress.


Rivendos is Made in the USA

These mattresses are NOT made in China, then shipped to the US.  They are assembled, packed, and shipped within the US, by US workers.  Rivendos offers the craftsmanship that only America can provide, there are no corners cut here!  Quality materials, skilled labor, fair wages, all within the US make Rivendos a brand with a conscience.  Supporting American families and keeping your dollar at home will surely help you sleep better at night!


Cool and Comfortable

Every Rivendos memory foam mattress is made with Gel Memory Foam.  This type of foam doesn't trap heat, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.


Support and Durability

Each Rivendos mattress gives exceptional support and pressure relief, reducing tossing and turning and keeping you in deep sleep all night.  These mattresses have a ten year full replacement warranty against manufacturer defects like sagging. 


Adjustable Base OK

Pair any of these Rivendos mattresses with an adjustable base, for the most personalized sleep system imaginable.  They are extremely pliable, and hug the curves of the base for an unreal level of comfort.  Folding these mattresses won't wear them down, so feel free to watch TV, work, or read in bed, using an adjustable base.

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