Dr Snooze Ocala – Worth the Drive!

Attention everyone in Central Florida…Ocala is the place to buy a mattress!  Whether you live in Tampa, Orlando, or Gainesville, no one will beat the price, service, quality, and selection of Dr Snooze.  If you’re skeptical, just check out their website, www.drsnooze.com, and see that they carry full lines of some of the most popular brands!

Sure, there are a million places that you can buy a mattress.  Here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t even waste your time anywhere else:

  • All furniture stores carry mattresses.  I can guarantee that Dr Snooze has a better selection, and their prices blow everyone else out of the water.  And if not, they stand behind their Price Guarantee.
  • Just in Ocala, there are six different bedding stores, and some of those stores have multiple locations.  Dr Snooze is locally owned, and competes every day with those other stores.  They offer free delivery, set up, and removal of your old bed.  Their delivery is fast, and their customer service is unparalleled.  But the biggest difference between Dr Snooze and everyone else?  Knowledge.  Both their salespeople in the store and their sales department from their website are specially trained to “diagnose” your perfect bed.  No one else has the skill, the knowledge, or the experience to aid you in making the right decision, the first time.
  • I’m not even going to go into buying off of online boards, or from that neighbor down the road.  Dr Snooze only sells new products.  Nothing is ever refurbished or reused.  Yuck.

Ocala truly in the center or Florida.  It’s forty-five minutes from Orlando, an hour from Tampa, and about a half hour from Gainesville.  There is no reason why all of Central Florida can’t come by the showroom and see what Dr Snooze has to offer.  And if you can’t make the trip, check out their deals online, or call 855-377-6669 for some assistance.  Dr Snooze Ocala will make it worth your effort, and will keep you sleeping comfortably for years to come!