I’ll Just Strap that King Mattress to the Top of my Honda…

No, it’s not a joke.  I’ve seen people wrap a brand new king mattress around their coupe, and drive away.  But folks, it’s just not a good idea.  That’s why they invented box trucks and delivery personnel.

At Dr Snooze, we deliver beds all the time.  In fact, about 96{d066f20f781a5b527d275b31e1f8758c7870657f3e5775941a299b25a4f5af5a} of our mattress sales are delivered…no one wants to pick them up anymore.  We bring the mattress set to your home, into your bedroom, and put it on your frame.  If you bought a new frame, we’ll even set that up for you.  Do you want your old mattress put in your guest room?  No problem.  Do you want us to take it away so that you never see it again?  Sure!  See how easy that was?  We did all the heavy lifting, and all you had to do is point where to put it.

Are you buying online, or do you want your new mattress delivered somewhere else?  Not a problem, because we offer nationwide shipping.  That’s correct, we’ll ship anywhere in the continental United States. Now, if you have different homes for different times of the year, you can have the same bed in both places.  Love your bed and want to buy one for your mom in Wisconsin?  We’ll happily take care of that for you.  Our nationwide delivery service offers the same benefits as our local delivery service.  Set up, removal of your old bed, four hour time windows, it couldn’t be easier.

If you really want to pick it up from our Ocala warehouse, we’re not going to stop you.  But as a word of advice, a twin fits inside of a minivan.  A twin or a full fit on top of a small car.  A queen fits on top of a larger car, and a king mattress doesn’t fit anywhere, except in a box truck.  Likewise, twins, fulls, and queens can usually be hauled in the back of a pickup, but that pesky king mattress still won’t fit.  So for your new king mattress, use our delivery service, and relax while we take care of the details.