Memory Foams – Stop Complaining, and Take a Second Look at Memory Foam

We live in a world of ever changing technology, and the mattress industry is no stranger to innovation.  Fifteen years ago, no one had heard of memory foam, and now they are in every store, and account for a significant percentage of new mattress sales.  Like with everything that is new, there is a lot of conflicting information out there, regarding how they feel, react, perform, and support.  However, there are some companies who are staying ahead of the curve, and who have addressed these concerns and fixed many of the issues that were originally reported.

Complaint #1: Memory foam beds sleep hot.

While early memory foam was closed cell and could be warm, many steps have been made since then to make memory foam beds more breathable.  For example, consider the AirCool system in Comforpedic mattresses.  This system includes ventilated foam, gel infused memory foam layers, ventilated edge support, and mesh side fabric.  The AirCool system is proven to dissipate heat up to 2.8 times faster than the competition, and is the most innovative memory foam cooling system currently on the market.

Complaint #1: Memory foam beds sleep hot.Complaint #2: Memory foam feels like quicksand, and I never stop sinking!

While to an extent this is the nature of the beast, many companies are coming out with their own signature blends of the foam, and making strides to make it a quicker reaction experience.  Comforpedic mattresses have this feature, due to their innovative AirCool memory foam blend, which is quicker reaction, while maintaining the density, durability, and support.

Complaint #3: They are too hard to move around on.

While this is true, the statistics say that you change position in memory foam about 80{d066f20f781a5b527d275b31e1f8758c7870657f3e5775941a299b25a4f5af5a} less than in traditional innerspring mattresses.  This is due to increased circulation, provided by pressure relieving memory foam cushioning hips, shoulders, and backs.  The idea behind a memory foam bed is that you sleep more “in” the bed, rather than “on top”.  Due to this, the complaints will remain about difficulty moving, because that is what the mattresses are designed to do.  Furthermore, as technology moves along, and manufacturers keep innovating, they will probably address this issue as well.

Regardless of the strides that bedding manufacturers have made, innerspring mattresses are still the most popular selling mattresses.  And while there will always be a market for the innerspring mattress, there are a few reasons why memory foam beds are worth a second look.

Second Look #1: Memory foam beds offer superior support. 

They hug the body, and respond to heat and weight, keeping your spine in its most natural position.  Memory foam beds are also better at relieving pressure, and can even relieve pain (according to webMD ).  This is because there are no metal coils creating pressure points, memory foam beds even out the pressure over your entire body, maintaining your circulation, and reducing aches and pains.  Dr. Breus states (on webMD)”If you have a hard time getting comfortable, if you have chronic fatigue, or some type of muscle pain, then a memory foam mattress would work well for you”.

Second Look #2: Memory foam lasts much longer than innerspring mattresses.

For example, Comforpedic mattresses have a twenty-five year warranty on them, and perform better in durability tests than innerspring beds.

why memory foam beds are worth a second look.

Second Look #3: Memory foam keeps you sleeping undisturbed.

Memory foam is also better for motion separation, so partners don’t disturb each other, and they are ideal for adjustable base use.

Mattress selection is a very personal decision, which is why some beds are perfect for some people, but not good for others.  Overall, memory foam beds stand up next to any other type of mattress, and hold their own, especially since so many innovations have been made, as seen in Comforpedic mattresses.  They are no longer warm, some are quicker reaction, and they are easier to move around on than previous memory foam models.  Memory foam has been proven to relieve pressure points, give superior support, and has great motion separation between partners.  A memory foam bed will never feel like an innerspring, and an innerspring will have a hard time matching the support, pressure relief, and durability of memory foam. Memory foam may not be for everyone, but they are worth your consideration the next time that you’re shopping for a new mattress.

Sex-related concerns aren’t the reason behind most returns of mattresses – Get a Memory Foam Bed to Sleep Better. For Sex, find an alternative place.

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