Suffer from Allergies or Asthma? Get Sneeze Free Sleeping with Comforpedic

T_Do_Allergies_Cause_Asthma_1When it comes to allergies, there are many situations and exposures that are out of your control.  Thankfully, your mattress doesn’t need to be one of them.

Any traditional innerspring mattress is a haven for thousands of tiny dust mites.  According to Environment, Health, and Safety Online, while these dust mites themselves are not dangerous, toxic, or parasitic, their excrement is.  There is a protein in dust mite poop that is highly allergenic, and is what people are allergic to when they are allergic to “dust”.  Additionally, materials in traditional mattresses can trap and hold allergens, such as pollen and pet dander.  For those of us who suffer from allergies and asthma, just going to bed can become a dreaded experience of medication, tissues, and sneezing.

Memory foam mattresses, also known as “visco-elastic” mattresses, are a great alternative to the traditional innerspring beds.  According to an article by Kurt Hardesty on, due to the way that memory foam is composed, it is not penetrable by dust mites.  Basically, dust mites cannot live in memory foam.  Additionally, many memory foam beds have removable covers, which trap pollen, dander, and those dust mites directly on the cover, to be washed out in your washing machine.  If you have a high quality memory foam bed, such as Comforpedic, you may want to put a mattress protector over the existing cover, to further protect the mattress, as well as your health.

memory foam plillows

In addition to dust mites, pollen, and pet dander allergies, Comforpedic mattresses have no natural allergens in them, such as down or latex, to irritate the sleeper.  They are also resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria.  Comforpedic mattresses are the most hypoallergenic mattress available.

Another option to consider when trying eliminating allergens in bedding is your pillow.  Using a down or fiber pillow may be exacerbating your condition.  These materials are attractive to dust mites, since they are next to your skin, and provide the warm, humid environment that they prefer.  Think about changing out your regular pillows for memory foam pillows.  In addition to being dust mite resistant, Kurt Hardesty comments that they don’t get lumpy or ball up, they maintain their shape, loft, and support.


If you suffer from allergies or asthma, changing your bedding to Comforpedic memory foam may be a solution to better, sneeze free sleeping.

Are Comforpedic Mattresses Good for Sex?

Comforpedic Mattresses Good for Sex? For many couples out searching for a new mattress, they are not only testing the sleeping comfort of the bed, but also evaluating the suitability of the bed for sex.  Most sleep doctors recommend that you only use your bed for two things: sleep and sex, so it makes sense that carnal activities should factor into the equation.  Instead of embarrassing yourself at the mattress store, or guessing when purchasing a mattress online, we recommend relying on, the best unbiased mattress review and ratings site, to lead the way.  They have gathered information from 370 people, regarding their experiences with their own mattresses, and have compiled them into a comprehensive ratings list.  Here are their findings on general memory foam mattresses:

  • Active Sex Friendly – D+

This rating rates how easy the bed is to move around on, and change positions.  Memory foam on the whole gets a D+, mainly due to the participant sinking into the mattress, and the slow reaction of the foam.

  • Bouncy – F

Suffice to say, memory foam mattresses aren’t going to help you along at all.

purchasing a mattress online

  • Allows Discretion – A

This grade means that memory foam is excellent at keeping your private activities private.  The mattress is quiet, and absorbs the energy being exerted on top of it.

  • Durable – B

Memory foam is excellent at not showing the wear and tear of frequent use, both sleeping and otherwise.  It maintains its support and comfort.

  • Allows Many Positions – C

This category refers to the possibility of different comfortable positions on the bed.

While memory foam does relieve all pressure, it is difficult to move on, giving it the average grade.

  • 2005_2_16_bedroom bedford (8)Comfortable – B+

Memory foam mattresses allow a position to be kept for a long time without pain or discomfort.  This is due to the pressure relieving properties of the foam.

  • Allows Faster Climax – B

This may, or may not be a benefit!  This category is grading the mattress’ ability to provide “traction” for the participant.  The idea behind this is that this “traction” decreased the amount of energy being used for the movement, and can result in quicker climax, without all the cardio.

  • Whole Bed Suitable – A-

This is an overall grade of worthiness.  Not a bad grade for memory foam!

The above ratings are for memory foam as a whole, but Comforpedic is different from regular memory foam.  Their AirCool memory foam formula reacts and recovers quicker than regular memory foam does, making it easier to move and change positions on.  Due to this, Comforpedic gets better marks from than other memory foam brands that are not as quick to react.

Another aspect to consider is which Comforpedic you are interested in.  Commons sense would dictate that the softer the mattress, the deeper that you will sink into it and the harder it will be to move.  Additionally, if partners are of drastically different weights, the heavier person will sink in further, and things may not line up as they should.  If this is the case for you, or you are concerned about exerting too much energy trying to move, a firmer Comforpedic might be ideal for you.

Which ever Comforpedic mattress you choose, know that you can be comfortable and supported while sleeping, and it won’t hamper your sex life!

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Top 5 Reviews on Comforpedic Mattresses in 2013

Since the new 2013 Comforpedic beds are still only a few months old, it’s difficult to find reviews for them online.  Sure, we found a ton of reviews on last year’s beds, but since much has changed, it’s not really that helpful.  At DrSnooze, we’ve been encouraging all of our Comforpedic customers to go online and post a review, good or bad.  We’ve been getting a ton more good than bad though!  Here’s the five most useful:

1. Regarding the Advanced Rest:

“firm and supportive” Review by Cheryl  – 4-Stars

“I was looking for a firmer memory foam bed – I don’t like to sink in, and this was perfect.  Much firmer and more comfortable than other brands.”

This review is a great testimony for AirCool Memory Foam.  Not only is it cooler than other brands, but it’s not as “sinky”.  The Advanced Rest is really very firm, and while it conforms well, it’s easier to move around on and get off of than other brands.

Reviews on Comforpedic Mattresses in 2013
2. Regarding the Renewed Energy:

“good for adjustable bed” Review by Paul – 5-Stars

“We bought this to be used with adjustable beds, and they’re perfect.  No complaints.”

The Renewed Energy is our most popular model for use on adjustable bases.  All of the Comforpedic models are approved for use on adjustables, because they bend and flex so well without breaking down.

3. Regarding the Renewed Energy:

“a satisfied customer” Review by John B. – 5-Stars

“I was shopping for a mattress for over two months, after a lot of research I can truly say I made the right decision.  It’s everything I expected, definitely helps with my back pain.”

Comforpedic Models

Memory foam is proven to reduce pressure points, decrease tossing and turning, and can be very beneficial for those with back problems.  When comparing Comforpedic mattresses to other brands, many customers are finding that Comforpedic is the one to buy, due to the price, the quality, the pressure relief, and the AirCool system.

4. Regarding the Balanced Days:

“much better than Tempurpedic” Review by Hot Flash Mary – 5-Stars

“We had a Tempurpedic, and ended up returning it because I was so hot on it, with my hot flashes.  We bought this one because we need a memory foam because my husband has bad back problems and it’s working really well.  I’m not as hot and his back feels better.”

Again, another lover of the AirCool System.  No one else has combined breathable foam, air channels, ventilated edge support, mesh borders, and gel all in one bed.  There is no memory foam bed that’s cooler.

5. Regarding the Balanced Days:

“Considering the price” Review by Amy P. – 4-Stars

“this bed is very comfortable.  I am 5’4 110lbs and my husband is 6’3 and he is very comfortable.  My only regret we should have gone with a king.”

The Comforpedic beds respond to each person differently.  This means that couples (like Amy P. and her husband) who are different sizes, shapes, and weights, can both be comfortable on the same mattress.  She’s probably also appreciating the lack of motion disturbance too!

There are so many different features and benefits of Comforpedic beds, and they fit the bill for so many different people with different needs and problems.  These new beds are getting glowing reviews from customers and sales people alike, and are worth consideration when you’re mattress shopping!

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4 of the Best Comforpedic Loft Models to look for during a Mattress Sale in Ocala, Florida!

Comforpedic Loft Models to look for during a Mattress Sale in Ocala, FloridaSo you have done a little bit of research (or maybe you are doing it right now), and the brand that you are looking for is Comforpedic Loft by Beautyrest.  There are at least 8 models on the market today, and simply choosing between those models can be difficult at best.  If you are like most people, you will wait until they go on sale and buy the one that is the best feel at the lowest price.

All Comforpedic models include the AirCool® DesignSales can be great, but use them to get the RIGHT model at the lowest price, not one that you think will be serviceable and just “OK” for you.

All Comforpedic models include the AirCool® Design- a complete system designed to combine Memory Foam, support foams, edge support, and fabric to make one complete system that is both breathable and easy to move around on.

I usually advise customers to think about their sleeping position to figure out which model might be best for them.  Sleep position is the position you are in when you first fall asleep, not the position you are in when you wake up.  That is the position your brain says is the most comfortable for your body.  Here are reviews of the 4 most popular Comforpedic models:

4 most popular Comforpedic models

Johnstown Luxury Firm

Typically a good bed for someone who is a stomach sleeper, the Johnstown has 1.5” of Memory Foam and a firm support structure to prevent your body from sagging in the middle third.  The Johnstown is also good for someone who prefers a firmer feel but wants just a little bit of softness.  Compare to the Dreamy Sky™.

Northville Plush

A great bed for customers who prefer to fall asleep on their back (or a good compromise bed for couples who cannot decide which feel is best), the Northville features two layers of Memory Foam to provide a more buoyant sleep system.  It is still relatively firm, but has much more comfort than the Johnstown.  Still good for stomach sleepers as well.  Compare to the Sparkling Stars™.

Lewis City Deluxe Plush

A good bed for shoulder or hip pain in the side sleeping position, the Lewis City Deluxe also features GelTouch™ Gel infused Memory Foam to help you sleep a little cooler.  This bed is a superb value, as a full 40{d066f20f781a5b527d275b31e1f8758c7870657f3e5775941a299b25a4f5af5a} of the mattress is either Memory foam or Gel Memory Foam.  It is comparable to another bed called the Evening Star™.

Hamburg Luxury Plush

The best bed in the Comforpedic line for side sleepers, the Hamburg Luxury Plush is the real WOW bed in the line.  If you find this on sale, and you are looking for the best option available, jump on the opportunity.  It features the most memory foam and gel in the line, but still has a solid feel and is relatively easy to move around on.  Compare to the Bright Nights™.