2013 Guide to Plush Firm – Beautyrest and BeautySleep

The general consensus amongst the public is that mattress manufacturers and retail salespeople make things up at will, to bring sales their way.  True or not, sometimes things are made up that can actually benefit you.  I’m talking about the “plush-firm” by Beautyrest and BeautySleep.  Simmons came up with this new feel to further refine their beds and make them easier to choose and buy.  That’s right, easier.  Who knew!?!

Plush Firm - Beautyrest and BeautySleepIt’s frustrating when you go to a mattress store, or shop online, and there are a bunch of different comfort level descriptions and arbitrary scales that don’t really tell you much.  For many brands, there is just a firm, a plush, and a pillow top.  But what does that really tell
you about the feel of the bed?  Nothing.  Other brands have expanded to include feels such as luxury firm, cushion firm, ultra plush, etc., but what does this tell you?  Nothing.  This is because most manufacturers change the feel of the mattress by changing the padding; they use firmer padding, or add more cushion, depending on the comfort profile that they are trying to achieve.

But not Beautyrest.

Beautyrest actually changes the coil system.  They use a firmer coil system for their plush-firm beds, and a softer coil system for their plush beds.  In fact, there is no difference between the padding for the plush-firm and plush models, just the coil difference.  Why is this important?

For many years, Beautyrests were known as very firm mattresses, due to their durable, firm, and supportive coil systems.  However, this feel was not always pleasing to those who liked a softer bed, without feeling the firmer coils underneath.  Beautyrest found a way to keep their coil systems supportive, while providing that softer feel.  Enter the softer coil system in the plush version mattresses.  But what about those who liked the firmer feel of the coils?  We’ll just call it plush firm, since it’s a plush top over a firm coil, and call it a day.  Brilliant!

plush version mattresses









So instead of going with a manufacturer who just changes their padding to make the bed softer or firmer, check out a brand that actually changes the whole support of the bed to give you the feel that you want.  This is also true with their plush-firm pillow tops, euro tops, and box tops.  All the way up the line, the plush-firm beds have a firmer coil, while the plush beds have a softer coil.

FYI, BeautySleep, while they don’t change the actual coil, does have beds with a plush-firm feel; it’s the Anthem and the Remix, for those on a budget, who still want that great in between feel.

Simmons BeautySleep – Are BeautySleep Beds Good for Sex?

There are two main things that we do in our beds – sleep, and have sex.  I know that when you go out shopping for mattresses, the last thing that you want to ask questions about is how good the mattress is for sex, but it’s an important part of the decision making.  And believe me, the mattress salespeople have heard, and seen, it all.  There is nothing that you can do to embarrass them, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty about BeautySleep beds, and whether they will benefit, or hinder, your love life.

BeautySleep Beds Good for Sex

Things to Consider:

  1. Ease of Movement – Even if you’re not an athletic love making machine, you still need to get into the correct position.  This usually means that one person is on their knees, and has to be able to adjust accordingly.  If the mattress is too soft, this can be difficult, and it may feel like climbing out of a hole. A memory foam mattress can be worse, since it responds to weight, and the knees will sink in very far, and the mattress won’t respond quickly. A BeautySleep mattresses run the comfort gamut between firm and plush pillow top, but none are marshmallow soft, and all are easy to move around on.  Change positions at will!
  2. Pressure Relief for Contact Body Parts – Like I stated before, the knees take the brunt of the pressure for one partner.  There is nothing worse than getting distracted by pain and discomfort.  Similarly, if a partner is on their back, you don’t want the buttocks or lower back to feel pressure points.  BeautySleep beds have adequate padding, even in the inexpensive models, to combat this pressure point issue.  Furthermore, most of the models have individually pocketed coils, which respond and conform individually, offering even greater relief.
  3. Bounciness – Some of us need a little help in the rhythm department.  Nothing helps move it along more than a bouncy mattress.  BeautySleep mattresses aren’t especially bouncy, but they will provide resistance, and keep the rhythm on track. Word to the wise, if you’re looking for a little help from the bounce, don’t go for a memory foam bed, you’ll be getting more of a workout than you planned!
  4. Durability – As a mattress salesperson, I’ve heard many stories of the mattress starting to creak or crunch, or the foundation splintering from too much nocturnal activity.  BeautySleep mattresses never creak, shift, or crunch, due to their individually pocketed coil system and foam encased edge support.  And the foundation?  It’s called Triton Lite, and is one of the strongest out there, you literally cannot break it.  I dare you to try…

BeautySleep Beds Good for Sex

See, you can get a mattress that’s comfortable for sleeping, as well as for sex!  Check out our whole line-up of BeautySleep beds for your next late night liason!

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