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Air Mattress versus Innerspring

memory foamI had an interesting conversation with a potential customer today, regarding specialty mattresses.  They wanted me to compare a regular innerspring bed to an air mattress.  Needless to say, even though I’ve sold both in my lifetime, I had a difficult time.  This particular customer wasn’t happy with their innerspring bed, which was of good quality and only one year old.  They didn’t like memory foam, and wanted to know what I thought about air beds and if they were worth the hype.

At the risk of sounding like a cop-out, I told them that some people swear by air beds, and some people don’t like them.  It depends on the person, and what they want and need out of their mattress.  The same applies for memory foam beds, as well as latex.  These beds that are made of different materials than the traditional innerspring have fans, and have haters.

Different People Different BedsI told the customer that not everyone is comfortable wearing the same shoes, not do we all wear the same pant size.  What is cozy for me might be sinky for them, and what is nice and firm for them might be too hard for me.

I will say, however, that air beds are the only beds that you can buy parts for, and that they tend to last a long time.  They can also change with your body (your support needs change about every seven years, so at some point, your mattress won’t be comfortable anymore).  Additionally, partners can have different feels on the same mattress; they can be drastically different firmnesses, ending the eternal fight over which bed to purchase.

And as for their complaint about memory foam, I love it.  I sleep on a memory foam bed, and wouldn’t ever go back to a traditional innerspring.  But I also like pickles dipped in peanut butter, which I’m pretty sure that no one else on the planet would ever eat.

Mattress Cover Materials: What They Say About You

I write a lot about coils, memory foam, and edge support, the guts of the mattress.  I have never written about mattress covers.  Mattresses used to be made with polyester covers, which could be wiped clean of stains and soils.  While some would prefer this to the current trend of natural fibers, I, for one, am glad that they are gone.  Those old covers didn’t stretch, and the beds always felt firm.  Also, they were HOT.  There was no breathing done through these mattress covers.  They were like crib mattresses, for goodness sake.  But that’s enough of complaining about the past…

Now, covers are made out of cotton, bamboo, cashmere, stretch blends, wool, just about anything that’s soft, comfortable, and breathable.  What’s the big difference between them?  Cotton mattress covers are the least expensive, but still breathable and soft.  They have varying degrees of stretch, but are a great option for less expensive beds.  My main complaint?  They can pill if something rubs against them too much, but hopefully you’re using a mattress protector, so this wouldn’t be a problem.  Ahem.  A great bed with a cotton cover is the King Koil Eternity Euro Top.

Bamboo mattress coverBamboo (which is my personal fave) is soft, breathable, and comfortable.  Also, it’s renewable!  This means that it’s a green product.  I’m sure it seems weird to sleep on what’s basically wood, but it’s super luxurious, and makes a great mattress cover.  A little more expensive, but as it is always for saving the Earth, right?  For a great bed with a bamboo cover, check out the Spirit Sleep Legacy.

Cashmere covers were all the rage for top of the line beds a few years ago.  They are fuzzy, comfortable, breathable, but they sleep a little warmer than cotton and bamboo.  Also, they are super expensive.  Overall, I’d recommend the previous two over cashmere, unless you have a thing for it, and want to tell all your friends that you’re sleeping on it.  The Luxury Support Cashmere is an air mattress with this luxurious mattress cover.

Stretch blends, such as the Beautyrest Evenloft cover, are great hybrids.  They are a evenloft mattress covercombination of cotton, spandex, and sometimes polyester.  They are breathable, soft, and super stretchy in all directions.  These are great because they really form fit the bed, don’t take away any of the softness, and provide a little extra motion separation.  The Beautyrest Leedsgate Plush Evenloft is a fabulous bed with the patented Evenloft stretch mattress cover.

Finally, wool.  I’m not a huge fan of wool for many reasons, mainly because just writing about it makes me itchy.  If you’re a cold person, these covers will keep you a little warmer, as they are not as breathable as the other options.  Some brands used to have two sided mattresses with wool on one side and cotton on the other, for different seasons.  Those went the way of the cassette when everyone switched to a one-sided mattress, but some manufacturers still use wool covers and wool padding in their beds.  I say, just buy another blanket.  Currently, we don’t have any beds with wool mattress covers.  Coincidence?  I think not.

The cover can make or break your mattress, so select wisely!

Air Adjustable Beds

Air mattresses are a great option for those with changing medical conditions, or for couples who each want their own personalized feel. But did you know that air mattresses are also great for use on adjustable bases? In fact, most hospitals now use air mattresses on their hospital beds!

There are many reasons to purchase air adjustable beds. If you already have a condition that is improved by an airbed, you may also be benefitted by adding the adjustable base. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, acid reflux, vertigo, bad circulation, and diabetes are all aided by using an adjustable bed. Talk to your doctor about how one might help you. In addition to medical reasons, they are great for watching TV in bed, working on your laptop, or reading a book before bed.

There are many adjustable bed mattresses on the market, why would an air mattress be your choice? Endlessly bendable without a chance of sagging, air mattresses are much more durable than innerspring or even foam mattresses. They are also great because you can firm them up for comfortable sitting, but then deflate them to be softer for sleeping. You can adjust the feel for any position you put yourself in!

With so many adjustable beds for sale, which base would make the best adjustable bed for you? Most models have head and foot movement; some have a massage/vibration feature (which works great with the air mattress). It’s advisable to stay away from a heat element, but otherwise, the sky is the limit! Take a critical look at what you’d use, now and in the future, and purchase accordingly.

When you order your mattress, make sure that you check with the manufacturer that it’s approved to work on adjustable bases. They might have to do a simple modification to the edge support, to make sure that it’s as flexible as it needs to be. Also, some of the thicker mattresses with thicker padding may not be approved. If you are not purchasing the mattress and the base from the same company, make sure that you let the company that you’re purchasing the air mattress from that it’s for an adjustable base.

Finally, search out the adjustable beds sale. There are always coupons, deals, discounts, and accommodations out there for those who look for them. Get the best deal that you can, and then sleep comfortably!