King for a Queen Beautyrest Sale

Now through October 17, 2016, Beautyrest is running the King for a Queen Mattress Sale.  What does this mean for you?

  • All KING Hybrid, World Class, Platinum, and Platinum Hybrids will be sold for the QUEEN price.
  • All QUEEN Hybrid, World Class, Platinum, and Platinum Hybrids will be sold for the FULL price.
  • All FULL Hybrid, World Class, Platinum, and Platinum Hybrids will be sold for the TWIN price.
  • All TWIN XL Hybrid, World Class, Platinum, and Platinum Hybrids will be sold for the TWIN price.

What’s even better?  We still have some of those beds on sale from Labor Day!  And Columbus Day is coming up!

Some of the options in the store are:

lotus_flower_2_Beautyrest Hybrid Levant








Beautyrest Platinum Fandango








Beautyrest Hybrid Lester







This promotion has a FIRM end date, so make sure that you come in to check out the options before October 17th.

CURV Mattresses are Almost Here!!!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the new Simmons line-up of memory foam beds under $1000 called CURV, geared towards the “millennial generation”.  Well, some new info has been released, and I think that you’re going to be really excited.

Highlights of the Simmons CURV line-up:

  • Supremely Comfortable – they offer great pressure relief and conformance, for exceptional support and long lasting comfort.
  • Cool Sleeping – the curved memory foam pattern allows for better airflow.  Also, some models have gel infused memory foam for even cooler sleeping.
  • Local – all CURV beds are made in the USA.  They are pretty much the only ones making inexpensive memory foam beds in this country.  Really.
  • Certi-Pur Certified – just like with their Comforpedic line-up, all the components of these mattresses have been certified non-toxic.  They are also low emission, make without ozone depleters, mercury, heavy metals, lead, formaldehyde, PBDEs, and phthalates.  The production process won’t hurt the environment, and the beds won’t hurt you.
  • 10-Year Warranty – Non-prorated.
  • Adjustable Ok – because you never know when you want to put your feet up!

CURV Models

  1. The Latest Thing – This is the start of the line-up – it’s an 8″ thick mattress with a firm feel.  1.5″ of 2lb CURV memory foam is layered over 1″ of Plush Comfort Foam, which sits on the 5.5″ SturdyCore.  The entire mattress is wrapped in an “Integrated FR-Z Cover”, which is soft and breathable.  At a price point of about $699 in a queen set, who couldn’t afford one of these?  Put them in your kid’s rooms, your guest room, your master bedroom, make everyone comfortable!
  2. All The Rage – One step up from the Latest Thing, this is a 9″ Plush Firm, great for all types of sleepers.  It has 2.5″ of 2.5lb CURV memory foam with gel, over a 6.5″ SturdyCore.  Wrapped in the FR-Z cover, and this mattress feels soft and conforming.  The price will let you sleep at night – it’s about $799 in a queen size set.  Again, why wouldn’t you?
  3. Vogue – 10.5″ of memory foam bed, for under $1000!  There is 1.5″ of 2.5lb CURV memory foam with gel, then 2.5″ of 3lb memory foam, over a 7″ SturdyCore.  This mattress has a firmer feel, while still maintaining it’s conforming feel.  A great option, it’s only about $999 in a queen set.

Mattresses of this caliber by other manufacturers are usually made internationally, prone to sags, or are made by no-name manufacturers.  Simmons CURV beds fill a need for everyone…now you can make sure that your guests, your kids, and that you yourself are comfortable and supported, all night long.

Keep an eye out for these beds online, we’re getting them up and running as soon as possible!

Sleep: You Just Might Be Doing It Wrong

Sleeping positionsIf you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ll notice that I recommend softer beds for side sleepers, medium beds for back sleepers, and medium firm beds for stomach sleepers.  I say this because most of the time, these average firmness levels help keep the sleeper’s spine in alignment.  But sometimes, folks, it’s not the bed.  It’s possible that you’re just sleeping wrong (position-wise).  Check out this info graphic about sleeping positions.  If you have arthritis, did you know that sleeping in the fetal position can be making it worse?  Or that acid reflux is increased in stomach sleepers?  If you’re concerned about wrinkles, try your best to sleep on your back, as all other positions will increase the pull on your skin.

According to the graphic, everyone should be sleeping on their back.  It reduces wrinkles and acid reflux, and can help prevent back and neck pain.  And, if snoring isn’t a problem, then this might be the just right position for you.  If it’s not comfortable, try putting a pillow under your knees, to elevate your legs slightly, this will ease the pressure on your lower back.  For a mattress, try the Bernardsville Plush Pillow Top by Beautyrest Recharge.  It’s that just right combination of firm support, and soft padding that’s not overwhelming.

Most of us sleep on our sides, because it just tends to be the most comfortable.  While the graphic says that it’s not so great for wrinkle free skin and perky breasts, that’s why they created plastic surgery, right?  Side sleepers don’t snore, and usually have less acid reflux.  And true, it is the requisite sleeping position for expectant mothers (how else are they supposed to sleep without smashing up their insides, and still being able to breathe?!?).  To open up your hips, place a poufy pillow between your knees to make your spinal position better.  Try the Comforpedic Balanced Days, which is really pressure relieving since most of your weight will be on your hip and shoulder, and will offer great support.

Does anyone over the age of five still sleep in the fetal position?  By pulling your legs up towards your chest, you are pushing your hip further into the mattress, which creates pressure points.  Your back is curved, which ends up being painful, and believe me, no pregnant lady is sleeping with her knees smashed up against her belly.  If this is the ONLY way that you can sleep, try putting a pillow between your knees to help with the hip problem, or find a bed that’s more comfortable for different positions, like the Comforpedic Renewed Energy.  I’d bet that you’d be able to train your body to sleep a different way on a more supportive and comfortable bed.

sleeping positions

Finally, stomach sleepers.  I never really understood them.  I once tried to sleep on my stomach, and couldn’t do it.  My neck and back hurt, I didn’t know where to put my arms, and I was being suffocated by the pillow.  It’s my personal opinion that these people sleep this way because they are resting on a bed that is too firm, and is creating pressure when they sleep on their sides, and isn’t adequately supporting their lumbar region when they are on their back.  If the bed isn’t providing cushioning, you might as well use your own natural softness, right?  The problem is that it’s a vicious cycle – stomach sleepers need to sleep on something firm, which means that the chances of them changing their sleep position are slim, because it’s just not going to be as comfortable as sleeping on their stomach.  If you sleep on your stomach and don’t have neck and back pain, then you belong in the circus.  However, if you’re a die-hard tummy fan, then get a Recharge Dennet Luxury Firm.  It’s firm enough to keep you breathing, but not too firm that it would be uncomfortable if you decided to make a position change for the better.  To ease your lumbar pain that you’re surely having, you can try to put a pillow under your hips, to relieve some of the pressure on your lumbar.

As for me, I sleep mostly on my side, sometimes on my back.  My husband sleeps on his back, until I shove him onto his side to stem the snoring.  Any way that you go, make sure that you choose a new mattress that will fit the way that you sleep.  And if you go into a store to shop, make sure that you try out that test bed in the way that you actually sleep.  Just a tip.

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2013 Guide to Plush Firm – Beautyrest and BeautySleep

The general consensus amongst the public is that mattress manufacturers and retail salespeople make things up at will, to bring sales their way.  True or not, sometimes things are made up that can actually benefit you.  I’m talking about the “plush-firm” by Beautyrest and BeautySleep.  Simmons came up with this new feel to further refine their beds and make them easier to choose and buy.  That’s right, easier.  Who knew!?!

Plush Firm - Beautyrest and BeautySleepIt’s frustrating when you go to a mattress store, or shop online, and there are a bunch of different comfort level descriptions and arbitrary scales that don’t really tell you much.  For many brands, there is just a firm, a plush, and a pillow top.  But what does that really tell
you about the feel of the bed?  Nothing.  Other brands have expanded to include feels such as luxury firm, cushion firm, ultra plush, etc., but what does this tell you?  Nothing.  This is because most manufacturers change the feel of the mattress by changing the padding; they use firmer padding, or add more cushion, depending on the comfort profile that they are trying to achieve.

But not Beautyrest.

Beautyrest actually changes the coil system.  They use a firmer coil system for their plush-firm beds, and a softer coil system for their plush beds.  In fact, there is no difference between the padding for the plush-firm and plush models, just the coil difference.  Why is this important?

For many years, Beautyrests were known as very firm mattresses, due to their durable, firm, and supportive coil systems.  However, this feel was not always pleasing to those who liked a softer bed, without feeling the firmer coils underneath.  Beautyrest found a way to keep their coil systems supportive, while providing that softer feel.  Enter the softer coil system in the plush version mattresses.  But what about those who liked the firmer feel of the coils?  We’ll just call it plush firm, since it’s a plush top over a firm coil, and call it a day.  Brilliant!

plush version mattresses









So instead of going with a manufacturer who just changes their padding to make the bed softer or firmer, check out a brand that actually changes the whole support of the bed to give you the feel that you want.  This is also true with their plush-firm pillow tops, euro tops, and box tops.  All the way up the line, the plush-firm beds have a firmer coil, while the plush beds have a softer coil.

FYI, BeautySleep, while they don’t change the actual coil, does have beds with a plush-firm feel; it’s the Anthem and the Remix, for those on a budget, who still want that great in between feel.

Beautyrest Recharge Mattress – How to Recharge the Human Battery

Insomnia cause long term health problemsAccording to NPR, 60 Million Americans have problems with Sleeping and Insomnia.  These problems can be debilitating, and can cause long term health problems., in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, has seven tips to help you avoid insomnia, and recharge your mind and body.

  1. One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that you’ll always get a good night’s sleep is to keep a regular sleep and wake schedule.  To do this, set regular times for going to bed, and waking up.  Make sure that these times don’t drastically differ day to day.  If you need to, feel free to nap during the day, but keep them limited to thirty minutes.  By keeping a regular schedule, you should be able to wake up without an alarm.
  2. Amp up your body’s natural melatonin production, and make sure that it is produced at the correct time.  Our bodies are programmed to release melatonin, the hormone that makes us tired, when it is dark outside.  Getting more sunlight during the day, through windows or being outside, can keep sleepiness at bay.  Similarly, bright lights at bedtime, such as from a computer, TV, or reading device can prohibit melatonin production.  Keep the bedroom dark, and try not to use bright lights before bed time.
  3. Try to relax before bed.  Read a book, listen to music, take a bath.  All of these activities can help your body and mind wind down from the day.  Reserve your bed for sleep and sex only, so that it’s clear to your body what needs to happen when you lay down.  Finally, make sure that your bed is comfortable and supportive, after all of this preparation, you don’t want to toss and turn, or wake up with back or neck pain.  Buy a new mattress, such as a Beautyrest Recharge, which is specifically designed to keep you asleep longer.
  4. Stop Smoking for better sleepWhat you do during the day can affect what happens at night.  If you eat healthily, exercise, cut down on caffeine, avoid smoking, and don’t drink alcohol right before bed time, you will sleep better.
  5. Managing your stress and anxiety can be tough, but learning to compartmentalize and not to obsess over problems at night can make them easier to deal with during the day.  Try meditation, deep breathing, or visualization to help you get your mind off of the problems that you face.
  6. If you do wake up in the middle of the night, try to relax completely, even if you can’t fall back asleep right away.  If sleep is just not coming, read a book or a magazine.  Write down any pesky thoughts that circle your mind, and resolve to deal with them in the morning.
  7. For those of us who work irregular shifts, try to regulate their frequency, and stay on a normal sleep schedule.  If this is not possible, drink caffeinated beverages at the beginning of a night shift, and use your breaks to move around and keep yourself awake.  Also, give yourself enough time and opportunity to get caught up on your sleep as soon as possible.
  8. Finally, if you have persistent fatigue, suffer from sleep apnea, are falling asleep at inappropriate times, experience sleep paralysis, or physically act out dreams while sleeping, it’s time to see a sleep doctor.

The human body can live longer without food and water than it can without sleep.  Take the first step to sleeping better and evaluate your sleep patterns, your routine, and your bed.  Feeling refreshed may just be a night away!

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BeautyRest Mattress – Why People Love Beautyrest Mattresses

Just in case you’ve missed all of my other articles, blogs, and posts, here we go again.  Read it through, I guarantee that one of these will apply to you…Mattresses for Deep Sleep

  • Better sleep because they can’t feel their partner – this is because of the individually pocketed coils.  True, it’s not exactly the newest innovation, but it’s still working better than any other coil system out there.  Each partner only affects the coils underneath them.  This is also great for partners that weigh different amounts; they won’t end up in a hole in the middle of the mattress.
  • Less back pain when they wake up – again, this is partly the coil system.  Since the coils are individual, they conform better to the curves in the body, and support more evenly.  Pair this with AirCool foam, which cushions and supports, and there goes your back pain.
  • Less tossing and turning – this is due to the coil system and that AirCool foam, as explained in the previous point.
  • The bed feels bigger – one of the great benefits of foam encasement.  All Beautyrest mattresses have foam encased edge support, which means that there is a border of extra firm foam, wrapping the bed around the edges.  You can sleep on the edge of the bed without feeling like you’re falling off, and it makes for a great seating edge too.  Foam encased edge support is also very durable.
  • Never have any warranty problems – Beautyrest has the lowest return rate in the industry, when compared to other innerspring companies.  That’s because they just don’t sag, and they are made to last.  Every bed that comes off of the Beautyrest line is perfect and passes strict quality control standards.
  • The box spring never squeaks or breaks – no matter how much “action” is happening on top of the bed, the foundation is still going to be rock solid.  This is because they are reinforced with steel, and have a grid on the top of the foundation to evenly support the mattress.  They weigh a ton, and last forever.
  • Never sleep hot again – every model has AirCool Foam.  AirCool foam is specially formulated to increase air flow in the mattress, while cushioning the pressure points of the sleeper.  Also, every model has a natural fiber cotton cover, which is breathable.  They also have ventilated edge support, and a way for air to escape out the side of the mattress.  It’s a whole system of cooling, just for you.

These were just what I had on the top of my head; there are probably a bunch more reasons why people love their Beautyrest beds.  Think for a minute about your old bed, and then how much better a Beautyrest would be!