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Alyssa has been in the mattress industry since 2001, and is very interested in how sleep and comfort affect our quality of life. She has done extensive research regarding the way that mattresses and sleep position both aggravate and alleviate common medical conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sleep apnea. Currently, Alyssa is helping seniors in Central Florida get a better night's sleep at Dr Snooze, where more attention is paid to the clinical and scientific side of mattress selection. She also writes the blog for Dr Snooze, and has put out many different articles and writings about medical conditions and sleep, as well as reviews on products and ways of making sleeping and mattresses healthier.

Make Your Dreams Sweet: This Is How to Choose the Right Mattress Firmness

It’s been reported that 70 percent of Americans don’t get quality sleep at least one night a month and 50-70 million people have sleep-related issues. That’s not good because sleep deprivation can lead to obesity, mood swings, a low libido, high blood pressure, and a myriad of other health-related issues.

What does this have to do with mattress firmness? Well, one survey revealed that 90 percent of individuals understand that the quality of their mattress plays a role in the kind of rest that they get every night. That’s why it’s imperative to treat your bedroom mattress as a necessary investment.

But what do you do if you don’t know how to choose a mattress? If you need a few mattress buying tips so that you can feel confident about your next mattress purchase, please read on.

Signs You Need a New (or Better) Mattress

Before getting into how to choose the best mattress, let’s first discuss some signs that you have a low-quality one or that it’s time to buy a new mattress. First, it’s a good idea to get a new mattress every 6-8 years. Signs that it’s time to replace the one you have include:

  • You constantly feel hot in your bed
  • Your mattress is sagging
  • It doesn’t support your body
  • Your mattress makes noise
  • Your mattress contains dust mites or a build-up of allergens
  • You wake up with aches and pains
  • You don’t feel well-rested

If any of these things are happening, it’s time to get yourself a new mattress. And while mattress firmness is essential, there are different types of mattress firmnesses to choose from. That’s why you should factor in a few things when you’re implementing mattress buying tips.

Hard vs Soft Mattress: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to mattress firmness, it’s important to know the pros and cons of hard and soft mattresses.

Hard mattresses:

  • Provide less stress and strain on your bones and muscles
  • Increase blood circulation throughout your body
  • Helps you to maintain the right posture while you sleep
  • Offers maximum support
  • Is ideal for back and stomach sleepers
  • May not be as comfortable as you would like
  • Can increase pain levels in people who have back problems related to arthritis and scoliosis

Soft Mattresses:

  • Can provide relief to those with lower back pain issues
  • Can help with hip alignment if you suffer from hip pain
  • Is more comfortable for light sleepers
  • Is ideal for side sleepers
  • Doesn’t support spine alignment well
  • Isn’t the best option for couples or people who are heavier in size
  • Tends to be more expensive than hard/firm mattresses

As you can see from the list provided for hard and soft mattresses, your personal preference and lifestyle play a role in selecting the mattress firmness that’s best for you. Now let’s look at some different types of mattresses. It will help you narrow down your options even more.

Adjustable Airbed

Adjustable airbed mattresses are becoming a fan favorite. That’s because you can use air to change the chambers and customize your comfort levels. This means if you want extreme mattress firmness one night and a softer bed the next, you can make that happen.

If you experience aches and pains often and you want to adjust the firmness of your bed, this is the mattress that you want. However, if you prefer consistent firmness, you don’t want to deal with any noise, or you can’t afford to spend at least $1,500 on a mattress, you should consider another mattress type.

Hybrid: A Great Mixture When It Comes to Mattress Firmness

Hybrid mattresses combine foam and pocket springs into one. This allows you to have the benefits of a memory foam and pocket coils all in one.

When compared to innerspring mattresses, hybrids are softer and quieter. When compared to memory foam, they are firmer and bouncier.

If you’re looking for a mattress that contours to your body, regulates your body temperature, and reduces motion transfer, a hybrid is ideal. If you want to avoid a mattress that is heavy, expensive, and traps in more heat than innerspring or latex ones do, you should keep searching.


You can’t discuss how to choose mattress firmness without mentioning innerspring mattresses. They’re comprised of a metal coil system.

The benefits of this mattress include it’s a firmer mattress that offers consistent comfort. Innerspring mattresses also come in a range of price points if you’re on a strict budget.

On the flip side, these mattresses don’t eliminate motion transfer. It’s not uncommon to feel the springs if you’re a heavier side. They also aren’t the easiest mattress to clean.


If you’re eco-friendly, you might prefer a latex mattress. That’s because it’s made from the sap of rubber trees instead of petroleum products. Latex mattresses are also biodegradable and can last for over a decade.

Another bonus is latex mattresses are naturally antimicrobial. This is great for people with allergies because it keeps allergens at bay. The smell does take some getting used to and they’re not the cheapest mattresses.

As far as mattress firmness goes, latex mattresses are firmer than memory foam ones are. There are some that are less firm — and even soft — though. Check with various mattress companies to see what’s available.

Memory Foam

A type of mattress that’s popular is memory foam. People like how comfortable it is and that it relieves pressure from their body.

Memory foam is also great because it reduces back and neck pain as well as chronic respiratory issues. It’s also a mattress that is quiet, requires little maintenance, and is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

The challenge with this mattress is it traps in body heat, can trap in odors over time (if not aired out properly), and they are on the pricier side. Oh, and it’s softer than most firm mattresses. That makes it a great choice if softness is what you’re after.

Let Us Help You with How to Choose a Mattress

Now you know more about what mattress firmness is and the types of mattress firmness that are available. If you’re interested in purchasing the perfect mattress, we’d be happy to assist you.

Give us a call at 855-377-6669 or send an email to customerservice@drsnooze.com. We will help you to find a store in your area so that you can be on your way to the best sleep you’ve had in years!

9 Questions to Ask When Looking for the Best Mattress Store in Ocala

In America, 35.9 million mattresses are sold every year. Unfortunately, many people have previously purchased the wrong mattress. This causes financial losses and may cause muscle and joint pain.

If you want a good mattress, visit the best mattress store in Ocala. You’ll make a good purchase that will allow you to enjoy your sleep and promote good overall health.

Here are nine questions to ask when looking for the best mattress store in Ocala.

1. What Size of Mattress Do You Want?

To determine the size of the mattress, take the measurements of your bed first. This is significant since you’ll purchase a mattress that perfectly fits your bed.

Another consideration to make when looking at the size of the mattress is your body size. Focus on purchasing a mattress you’ll have enough space to lie on.

2. What Type of Mattress Do You Want?

Mattresses are available in different brands, sizes, and types in the market. This makes it challenging to make a decision.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you have a variety of choices. To avoid confusion, do thorough research.

If your shopping decision is based on brand, check the reviews. Research what the current and past users of the mattress brand of your interest have to say. Positive reviews indicate you can proceed to try and buy.

From the reviews, identify whether the past buyers consider making the same purchase again or whether they would recommend it to their loved ones. If they answer yes to the two questions, then it’s time to visit the store and see if it’s comfortable for you.

Purchasing a reputable brand will help you access quality, durable, and comfortable mattresses.

3. Are You Looking for a Soft or Firm Mattress?

Some people like a firm mattress. Others prefer the soft ones, and some want something in between. To make the right choice based on this, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Advantages of a firm mattress include less sinking feeling, and they are easier to change position and move around on.

A soft mattress helps relieve muscle and joint pains. They’re mostly recommendable for people who sleep on their side.

Generally, research shows that too soft mattresses are not the best, but too firm mattresses can be just as detrimental for your body. You require a mattress that helps in supporting your spine and keeping it straight, while also cushioning your joints and bones.  When in doubt, a middle of the road softness is best.

4. What’s Your Favorite Sleeping Position?

The main question is whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach. Your mattress choice should be affiliated with your sleeping position. Your sleeping position will determine how much support you need from a mattress.

For a side sleeper, focus on supporting your spine. Look for a soft mattress that will support your curves.

Don’t worry about your shoulders and hips if you sleep on your stomach.

For a back sleeper, buy a memory foam mattress. It will aid in alleviating pains and aches. This mattress also helps in relieving pressure when sleeping.

5. Are You Sleeping Alone?

This question is not meant to intrude on your private life. It would help if you asked yourself this important question when making a mattress purchase.

If you sleep by yourself, it’s easier to choose a mattress because you’re aware of your preferences.

If you don’t sleep alone, you need to consider your partner’s choice. Apart from their choice, consider the weight of the two people.

Buy a mattress that will serve you long enough, and you’ll enjoy the comfort.

6. Does the Seller Offer a Warranty?

If the store of your choice offers a warranty, be confident in the mattress’s quality.

When buying a mattress, consider the warranty just in case you face inconveniences after purchasing. Confirm whether the mattress sellers will service the warranty, or you’ll be needed to look for the manufacturers.

The best warranty deal is that of dealing with the store. Most, if not all, manufacturers warranty their new mattresses.  Buying from a store that can help you with this process will make it easier if you ever need to exchange your mattress.

Another advantage of getting a warranty directly from the store is giving you access to information. The salesperson in the store will have answers to questions you might have relating to the mattress warranty.

To be sure of the validity of the warranty, have the agreement in writing. This will help you in making a claim if the need arises.

7. What’s the Exchange Policy?

Have a better understanding of the exchange policy. Identify after how many days you can exchange your mattress.

Ask who will make the mattress transportation back to the store. Ask if there are any fees.

Ensure that all questions are answered to avoid creating inconveniences. Visit a reputable Ocala mattress store to buy the best mattresses.

8. What’s Your Budget?

Before searching for a mattress, know how much you’re willing to spend. Knowing your budget will help you manage your expectations.

When setting a budget, identify the factors that determine the price of the mattress. Don’t set a low budget since you’ll result in settling for a low-quality one that will not serve you long enough.

To set a reasonable budget, view a mattress purchase as an investment. You will most likely have this mattress for 5-10 years, maybe longer than you will have your car!  This will help you focus on buying the comfortable and right mattress.

9. What Kind of Deals Can You Get?

It’s always good to know the offers available before purchasing a mattress. Stores offering you deals allow you to access some additional accessories.

For example, you can buy a mattress and get a free bed sheet. These offers also enable you to save on costs.

Buy Your Mattress From the Best Mattress Store in Ocala

Since you now know the queries to ask when purchasing a mattress, visit a reliable mattress store. When purchasing a mattress, consider the above points to get quality, comfortable, and affordable mattresses.

Are you looking to buy a good mattress? If so, contact us to get outstanding deals from the best mattress store in Ocala.

The Complete Guide to Buying Bed Pillows: Everything to Know

Woman Fluffing Bed PillowsBed pillows: they’re one of the most important purchases for your home.

Buy the right bed pillows, and you’ll have a great night of sleep and more energy. Buy the wrong pillows, and you could end up in pain and in a bad mood the next day.

Buying the right pillows for your bed requires knowing your options and spending some time reflecting on your sleep style. Curious to learn more?

Below we’ve put together the following guide explaining what you need to know about buying bed pillows.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you go on the hunt for a new pillow, you should consider your preferences and sleeping habits. Below are some questions to ask yourself.

What Position Do You Sleep In?

The position you sleep in depends on the support you need for your neck and head. You want a pillow that won’t tilt your head too much up or down.

If you sleep on your back, you’ll need a flatter pillow. A side sleeper will need something more full, and stomach sleepers need a thin pillow. Using the right pillow firmness will prevent pain.

You want your spine and neck to stay neutral when you’re sleeping, so this will minimize the stress that each muscle group feels.

Do You Sleep Hot or Cool?

If you tend to get warm while you sleep, you’ll do best with a pillow that has some room for breathing. It should dissipate heat so that it doesn’t get too hot at night.

Pillows made from shredded foam and polyester tend to do better than ones with solid foam. And pillows with a “cool” gel layer should be tested – you don’t know until you lay down with a pillow if it’s going to be the right temperature for you.

How Are You Using the Pillow?

Depending on how you use the pillow, you’ll want to have different pillow types and sizes. On a twin or full-sized bed, you’ll probably want a standard or queen-sized pillow.

As you move up to a queen and king bed, you’ll want queen and king-sized pillows. Your bed will also look good with a mix of different sizes and pillowcases.

Neck pillows come in handy to help prevent neck pain, and body pillows are a great choice for sleepers who like to hold onto something or want a larger pillow to rest on.

Types of Pillows & Fillings

What should go in your pillow? Below are a few of the types and fillings you can choose.


Natural latex comes from tree sap, but it also can be made synthetically. Latex responds to the body for a more comfortable feel. It is springy to the touch and returns to its shape quickly after being compressed.

Down or Feathers

Down pillows are usually made from goose or duck feathers. Some down pillows can be denser than others, depending on their “fill power.” The higher the fill power the more space an ounce of down takes up.

Pillows with higher fill power will stay firm for longer but all down pillows typically become softer and flatten easily. Feather pillows don’t trap as much heat, but the feathers may poke through.


Buckwheat is a less common material but is sought after by those who do not want to use animal materials in their pillows. Buckwheat is a plant-based material made from small, dry seeds.

Due to the nature of the buckwheat seeds, the pillow will conform to the head and neck. However, buckwheat pillows are a bit noisier than their feather alternatives.


Polyester pillows are often described as polyester fiber or fill. They’re the most common type of pillow on the market and typically are sold for the lowest cost. The filling in polyester pillows looks like cotton, and usually, they lose their shape after a while.

Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows usually have the same material as many mattresses. They can be one solid layer of foam or can be cut up or shredded.

Pillows with memory foam are usually denser and conform to your head shape. Because they’re denser, they keep your head hotter at night. Some memory foam pillows come with a gel layer or are gel-infused to keep you cooler at night.  On the whole, memory foam pillows offer more support than many other types of pillows.

Pillow Shopping Tips

Once you begin the pillow shopping process, you’ll want to verify that the pillows you buy are the right choice for your lifestyle. Consider these pillow shopping tips.

Do the Squeeze Test

Pillows may say “soft” or “firm” on the label, but the best indication of the material is to squeeze it yourself. Give it your own firmness test. If you’re in a store, put the pillow on a flat surface and push it down.

The harder you have to push down to get the pillow to compress, the firmer it is. Once you get home, try out the same test on your bed.

Fluff It

Pillows with filling can lose their shape easily, whereas a pillow made from the foam will hold its shape longer. After you test a pillow’s firmness, fluff it to see if it goes back to its original shape. Is the fill even throughout the pillow?

Check the Cover

Pillows with a high-quality cover will last longer.  Some pillows will have zippers so that the cover can be washed.

Compare, Compare, Compare

With online shopping, you should be comparing pillow prices online to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

A great way to check out the quality of your pillow is to look at online customer reviews. 93% of customers read online reviews before shopping, and they can help you get an honest idea of what to expect.

Buying Bed Pillows Properly

No matter how small a job you think buying bed pillows is, your bed pillows will have a huge impact on your daily life. The right bed pillows will give you a better night of sleep and help you feel more rested the next day.

Dr Snooze is here to give you expert help on buying bed pillows. We welcome you to reach out to us with any questions!

8 Common Mattress Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A great mattress provides the ideal blend of support and comfort, allowing you to maintain proper posture and spine alignment.

People frequently overlook the multitude of health risks that a poor mattress might cause. It frequently causes significant back pain and keeps you up until late at night. As a result, if you’re having trouble sleeping, your mattress might be one of the causes. For restless sleepers and those who have a hard time falling asleep, purchasing a new mattress may be a wise decision.

In this article, we’ll go over some typical mattress shopping mistakes to avoid. Following the steps in this post will assist you in making sure that you select the correct mattress.

1. Buying a Mattress Based on Price

When shopping for your mattress, you might be tempted to settle for the cheapest mattress. This has never been a wise decision. You should know that comfort, material, and durability are used in determining the price of a mattress.

Typically, a mattress that costs the least is made using less, and low-quality materials. These mattresses are thinner, with fewer coils, padding, and edge support.  They do not maintain their comfort level and may wear quickly.  Such a mattress will not in any way serve you for long.

Since many times these bargain mattresses don’t come with a sufficient warranty, you will find yourself back in the shops looking to make another purchase.  It may be less expensive, in the long run, to purchase a better quality mattress the first time around that will last longer, and offer better support.


2. Buying Before Trying

Please don’t spend money on a mattress before you try it. Try a mattress first to be comfortable with its firmness and feel. If you’re not comfortable with the firmness and feel of a mattress in the store, you won’t be comfortable on it sleeping at home.

When trying a mattress, you should ask for assistance from a salesperson, they have been trained to be mattress and sleep experts. The salesperson can answer any question that you might have regarding a mattress, support, or sleep. They use their knowledge and experience in the sleep business to guide customers.

You save yourself another trip to the store by ensuring you test the mattress and take the time to use the salesperson to educate yourself about the mattress’ features and benefits.

3. Not Knowing Mattresses Options

Mattress technology is continually advancing. This overwhelms many buyers and causes them to overlook the changes brought in by technology. When you understand the different options, you make more informed decisions in your purchase.

Never underrate conducting proper research and gathering enough resources to make a good decision on the right mattress.

There are new mattress innovations that are being designed to improve your sleep. By being aware of the various types of mattresses, you’ll be more proficient in sorting through and selecting your mattress.

For example, foam mattresses are ideal for sleepers with joint pain. Its material aids in pressure relief on the shoulders and hips. You may want to make a list of your own health issues, sleep problems, etc, and bring that into the store to help you find a mattress that will truly benefit your health.  In addition, since you will have this mattress for the next seven to ten years, think about your future and anticipate your needs.

Finally, knowing the size of your current bed is a must.  Decide if you want the same size, or different.  Some mattresses only come in certain sizes, so knowing the size when beginning your search can keep you from choosing a product that is unavailable.

4. Depending on a Brand

When buying a mattress, while it is important to know what you are buying, don’t allow this factor to be the key determinant when picking a mattress.

If you depend on a specific brand and do not consider other factors, you may end up purchasing the wrong mattress. While we have all heard of the main, national brands, there are other regional manufacturers that make an as good, or better product, often at a lower price. To be certain of the brand, always look into the warranty and their experience in the business.

Not all brands that appear trendy online are the best.

5. Not Reading Online Customer Reviews

A mattress and the company selling it may appear good on paper but have you checked the customer’s reviews? Be careful – reviews can be a double-edged sword.

Individuals give reviews based on their preferences.  However, since we are all different, what one person thought was uncomfortable may be the most comfortable option for someone else.  A consumer may complain about soft edge support, but they sit on the edge of the bed a lot, and you don’t.  It can be hard to decipher from customer reviews if the mattress will be good for you or not.

Online customer reviews can also indicate how well the mattress manufacturer and retailer fulfill their customer service promises. From the reviews, was the salesperson helpful?  Did the manufacturer honor the warranty?  But as before, remember that some people will bash the retailer for issues beyond their control.  As with all reviews, it’s best to take them all with a grain of salt and a level head.

You have the option of either checking the reviews on their websites or the Better Business Bureau.

6. Buying a Mattress Solely Based on Another Person’s Experience

This doesn’t mean to discredit other people’s opinions completely. When shopping for a mattress, keep in mind that your body is entirely different from other people. We’re all unique and have different preferences for comfort and needs.

There are people who have hips and shoulder issues, making them enjoy a much softer mattress, while others like a firmer feel.

You will be able to avoid this mistake by staying away from specific mattress recommendations and focusing on their experience. Did the retailer deliver on time? Are the salespeople knowledgeable?

Ask these questions when asking for referrals when shopping for a mattress.

7. Skimming The Small Print

Even when purchasing from a trusted brand, checking the small print before parting with your money is essential. Find out what sellers offer for free and what they charge for. A good example is some manufacturers offer warranties on their products, but the warranties do not cover redelivery.

Check on the warranties. Identify what the warranty will and won’t cover.  Is there any exchange policy?  What are the terms?

8. Trying Many Mattresses

It can be tempting to flop down on every mattress to make sure you buy the right one. Trying every mattress you come across may result in confusion. Trying out many mattresses may result in you getting overwhelmed, and every mattress you try ends up feeling the same to you.

The best thing is to try out a firm, medium, and then a soft mattress.  Then try out mattresses only in your preferred feel. Doing this will help you narrow down choices. Narrow down to two or three options, then use at least ten minutes on each to get a better idea of the best comfort.  Make sure that you try different positions.  Most people do not sleep on their back, but will only try a mattress on their back.  Get comfortable, and really feel the support from the bed.

Avoid These Mattress Shopping Mistakes

Remembering each of these mattress shopping mistakes will save you valuable time and help you make the best purchase. Using these tips will help you avoid body pain and body aches by making the right mattress purchase.

Are you planning on buying a new mattress? Contact us today and let us help you select the right mattress.

What to Look for When Buying a Mattress Online

Woman Buying a mattress onlineThe average mattress should be replaced every seven to 10 years. While it used to be difficult to buy a mattress, you can now purchase a mattress online! This is a more convenient and cost-effective option, as long as you do it correctly.

Do you want to learn more about how to buy a mattress online? Keep reading this guide for the top tips to follow when you purchase a mattress online.

Research the Material Options

The first thing you need to do before online shopping for a mattress is research the types of mattress materials available. Different mattress materials all have different features, so you must be informed before you choose your mattress!

One of the most common materials is memory foam. This provides pressure relief and contours to your body, making it easy to reposition while you sleep.

A more traditional type of support system is an innerspring mattress. These have coil systems inside the mattress, but also have a foam layer to make the mattress more comfortable. These beds are bouncier and typically have better airflow.

If you are looking for natural material for your bed, you may want to consider latex mattresses. These offer a springy surface with a solid bounce.

Finally, you can choose a hybrid bed. These combine several different materials, including foam and coils. This way, you can get the benefits of pressure relief while still having the comfortable support you need.

Choose the Best Mattress Size

You can also shop for mattresses by size. These sizes include twin, full, queen, king, and California king mattresses. If you need a lot of room while you are sleeping or if you share a bed with a partner, you may want to consider getting a mattress that is a queen size or bigger.

Understand Firmness Levels

Next, you will need to understand the different firmness levels that you can choose from for your mattresses. Each person may prefer a different firmness level, depending on sleep positions, body weight, and other factors.

Mattress firmness levels range from extra soft to extra firm. Soft mattresses conform closely to your body while you sleep while firm mattresses do not sink at all while you sleep.

Read Online Reviews

When you are shopping online for mattresses, it can be difficult to know the level of quality that you can expect. If you need help learning more about the different brands available, you can start by checking online reviews for mattresses.

These reviews will discuss the details about mattresses, including how it feels, how it works for different types of sleepers, and more. You can even find detailed mattress reviews on YouTube that make it easy to see exactly how a mattress works.

By checking online reviews, you will be able to find a mattress that has high ratings. Keep in mind, however, that different people feel the same mattress very differently.  Just because Mary from Topeka doesn’t like the softer feel of the mattress doesn’t mean that it won’t be the perfect mattress for you.

Set a Budget

Next, you need to set a budget before you buy a new mattress online. This is something that will help you narrow down your options when you are looking at mattresses online.

Finding an option that fits your budget doesn’t need to be difficult! Typically, you can spend as little as a few hundred dollars on a new mattress to well over $3,000. The cost of your mattress will also depend on the features you want to include and the brand that you choose.

By setting a budget before you begin shopping, you will not break the bank when you buy your new mattress. If you want to save money while you are buying a mattress, you can consider choosing a mattress from the clearance section online, or waiting for major holiday sales such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Black Friday.

You can also wait for other deals and discounts to help you save money when you buy your mattress online.

Research Warranty Options

Finally, you must research the warranty options available for your mattress. While mattresses are supposed to last for several years, they may develop problems after continued use.

Many companies will provide a warranty to cover issues with your mattress that happen through normal use. While they will not replace a bed that you have damaged, you may be able to get a replacement if the bed begins to bow or if it has any other issues.

Wondering How To Buy a Mattress Online? We Can Help

Buying a mattress online is a great way to save money and time when you are looking for a new mattress. To make sure you find the perfect mattress, you can follow each of these online mattress shopping tips.

Do you want help learning how to buy a mattress online? Dr Snooze can help!

Contact our team today to learn more about our mattress options or to start shopping for mattresses on our website!

5 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Mattress

Woman Sleeping on a New Mattress

Are you tired of waking up with back or neck pain? Do you worry that your mattress is causing a rough start to your day? If so, then you need to learn all about the five signs that it’s time to buy a new mattress.

Doing so can help you move on from your current sleeping situation. You’ll be able to purchase one with new technology, new materials, and a more efficient design for your sleep needs.

See below for an in-depth guide on the signs that you should look into purchasing a new mattress. Why not make the most of the situation by buying the best mattress on the market?

1. You’re Waking Up With Pain

Unfortunately, many people believe that waking up with new aches and pains is a part of life. They are quick to blame it on an event that occurred the day prior (such as a hard workout).

However, if the aches and pains are consistent, then it’s probably a sign that your mattress isn’t doing its job. This is often because your mattress can’t support your body any longer.

Over time, mattresses will develop things like lumps or start to cave in on themselves, a process known as “hammocking”. If you can see a dip in the center of the mattress when you aren’t laying on it, then it is probably starting to wear in the center of the bed.

Memory foam mattresses have a similar issue. Over years of usage, the foam may soften in places of heavy use. This makes it less able to support your body; that lack of support is what’s leading to your injured neck and back.

Don’t delay any longer; browse our inventory of mattresses to find yourself a good night’s sleep. It will make a world of difference.

2. Your Current Mattress is Uncomfortable

This might be hard to believe, but many people don’t recognize when their mattress starts to get uncomfortable. They’re finding it harder to fall asleep because they can’t seem to find the “sweet spot”.

If you’ve been writhing around in your mattress the past few nights, then it could be a sign your current mattress needs to be replaced.

Staying comfortable while you sleep is crucial. It will help you stay asleep longer so that your body can undergo deeper REM cycles without interruption. Getting a full night’s worth of sleep can offer a plethora of benefits, such as:

  • Increase your productivity levels the next day
  • Improve your muscle endurance in tomorrow’s workout
  • Give your immune system and digestive system a boost
  • Improves your brain cognition and memory
  • Allows your respiratory system and the cardiovascular system a much-needed time of autopilot

To gauge whether your mattress has lost its comfort, start by removing blue light from your bedside (charge your smartphone in another room). After that, try to close your eyes and gradually fall asleep. If you notice that you’re constantly tossing and turning, it’s an indication you need a new, more comfortable mattress.

3. You Notice an Odor

Perhaps you’ve noticed an odor when you make your bed. You may have changed and cleaned your sheets, but the odor is still hovering around.

If the smell isn’t going away, then it’s likely coming from your mattress. It’s an effect caused by nightly usage over several years. The odor is the result of a build-up of bodily fluids, mold, mildew, and bacteria running rampant on your mattress.

If your mattress isn’t old, then try cleaning your mattress first. If the odor still isn’t going away, then it’s time to find a replacement.

Taking action is the most important thing. Sleeping on a mattress filled with bacteria can cause respiratory complications for you and your spouse.

You can also prevent this from happening with your new mattress by purchasing a mattress protector.  Try one that’s waterproof yet breathable for a comfortable night’s sleep as well as great mattress protection.

4. The Mattress Makes A Lot of Noise

After a few years of using the mattress, if your mattress is squeaking when you lay on it, then you need to replace it.

The noise won’t go away with time; it’s here to stay. That noise can keep you or your spouse up, provide an unwelcomed wake-up call, and interfere with your sleep patterns.

Even worse, the squeaking is usually a sign of a larger issue. Be sure to find a new mattress that’s soundless and comfortable.

5. The Years Are Adding Up

When it comes to the lifespan of your mattress, you don’t want to push it too far past its expiration date. Doing so can cause pain, interrupted sleep, and so on.

Most people want to try and surpass the decade mark before they even consider replacing their mattresses. However, experts recommend that you shoot to replace it after the 7-year mark.

This will ensure you get the most out of your sleep each night. Your mattresses will never fall too far past their prime, enabling you to set yourself up for success the following day.

Buy a New Mattress for Your Home Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the signs that it’s time to buy a new mattress, be sure to use this information wisely.

The mattress isn’t the only thing you should upgrade. Be sure to browse our bedding accessories to upgrade things like your pillows, sheets, and more. For any other questions, be sure to give us a call directly at 1-855-377-6669 and we will be happy to assist you further.

Inflation and Big Purchases: Should I Buy a Mattress During a Recession?

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

The US is going through an economic slowdown, and we are all feeling it in our wallets.  Prices are going up, interest rates are up, and it seems that everything from food to furniture is going up in price.  For those of us who have been putting off the big purchase of a new mattress, this may seem to be the worst time to buy.

But is it?

There are a few reasons why it may be advantageous to buy a new mattress now instead of waiting until the economy recovers.

  1. Prices are only going to get higher. When oil prices rise, not only does it cost more to get the mattress from the factory to the store, but then also from the store to your home.  Foams are petroleum products, and those prices go up when oil rises as well.  Steel prices rising?  Think foundations, frames, and coils.  When these cost prices go back down, rarely do the prices from the manufacturers, making these new costs permanent.  The mattress that costs $1200 now will probably be $1400 within the next 24 months.
  2. The Fed increased interest rates, but 0% interest financing is still an option for most bedding purchases. Spread out your payments for up to 60 months, and it’s the same as cash.  Can’t get lower than that.
  3. If you’re able to afford a new mattress right now without straining your budget,

    Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

    think about helping the workers for the business you will purchase from. Most salespeople are on commission, so they will be directly affected by your purchase.  Mattress companies have many different employees, from the managers to the warehouse workers and delivery drivers, all which are trying to earn a living.  If possible, support your local small businesses, to keep your dollars in your community, and to have the most effect on your immediate area.

  4. Customer traffic is down in stores, tipping the balance in your favor. You will have the salesperson’s undivided attention.  They will work extra hard to earn your business.  There will probably be mattress sales available to sweeten the deal.  Use this to your advantage to get the most information and get the best sale price possible.

The economy will only recover if people are working, earning, and spending.  If you can afford to make a large purchase, mattress or otherwise, it may be in your best interest to do so now, and to help the people in your area bounce back.

King for a Queen Beautyrest Sale

Now through October 17, 2016, Beautyrest is running the King for a Queen Mattress Sale.  What does this mean for you?

  • All KING Hybrid, World Class, Platinum, and Platinum Hybrids will be sold for the QUEEN price.
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  • All FULL Hybrid, World Class, Platinum, and Platinum Hybrids will be sold for the TWIN price.
  • All TWIN XL Hybrid, World Class, Platinum, and Platinum Hybrids will be sold for the TWIN price.

What’s even better?  We still have some of those beds on sale from Labor Day!  And Columbus Day is coming up!

Some of the options in the store are:

lotus_flower_2_Beautyrest Hybrid Levant








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This promotion has a FIRM end date, so make sure that you come in to check out the options before October 17th.

The Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who loves nothing better than sinking into your mattress and falling asleep on your back, then you need a mattress that’s designed for back sleepers. Today, you can choose from adjustable beds, combination beds, gel memory foam beds, pillow top beds and more — but how will you know which kind is right for you?

Back Sleeping PositionIf you’re a back sleeper, you need a mattress that supports your lower back. If you wake up with pain or stiffness, it may be because your current mattress either pushes against your spine or allows your hips to sink too far. Medium-firm is the perfect mattress type for back sleepers, and there are several options to choose from.

Combination Mattresses

Have you ever tried mattress shopping with your partner, only to discover that you can’t agree on a new bed? That may be because you have different sleep styles. Side sleepers, for example, need a softer mattress that provides adequate support for the knees and hips so the back doesn’t sink too low. Stomach sleepers prefer extra-firm mattresses that don’t let the hips sink. With a combination bed such as the iSeries, you can each get the mattress you need without resorting to separate beds.

You can choose a combination mattress constructed with one side that’s medium-firm, and one side that’s soft or extra firm. You do need to select which side to sleep on before you order your mattress, because the mattresses are no-flip. Some beds have sleep numbers that let you increase or decrease the firmness on each side. You can also choose an adjustable mattress, which provides customized support as well as help for common sleep disturbances such as snoring and apnea.

Combination mattresses are typically more expensive than traditional mattresses. Nevertheless, when you and your partner can agree, you might find the added expense is well worth the effort.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the most popular mattress choice in America. They are available in flat and pillow top styles as well as every size. Simmons, Serta and Sealy are three of the biggest manufacturers and they all make innerspring mattresses. You can find innerspring mattresses in all price ranges and made to varying degrees of quality. Search for a mattress that provides adequate support and durability while also reducing motion during movement.

Foam Mattresses

A foam mattress is another excellent option. Foam mattresses support all sleep styles, which makes them a great choice if you start on your back, roll to your side or wind up on your stomach. Foam mattresses are also a great choice if you share your bed with a partner who doesn’t have the same sleep style as you — but you don’t want to invest in a combination mattress. Choose a gel foam memory mattress with cooling technology, such as the Serta iComfort, to reduce the heating that occurs with foam mattresses in the middle of the night.

No matter what you choose, make sure you test your mattress before you buy. If you’re shopping online, choose a merchant that lets you exchange your mattress, so you’re not stuck with a bed you don’t like.

How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Almost every day, we hear more research confirming the importance of a good night’s sleep. Aside from the intuitive benefits of sleeping well — more energy and increased

alertness during the day — we are learning that individuals who get a better night’s sleep live longer, are less susceptible to disease and depression, and look and feel younger at any age.

There’s clear value to making sleep a priority. Here are some tips for better sleep that have you out like a light in no time.

  • Establish a routine: Your body will sleep better if it is used to going to bed and getting up at the same time. Erratic, unpredictable bedtime schedules — and trying to make up for late nights by staying in bed longer — all have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep.
  • Make your bedroom a haven: Your bed should be a place you sleep in and nothing more. Watching TV in bed or spending hours on your laptop make it very difficult for your body to transition into sleep. These activities stimulate the mind and inhibit production of melatonin, an important sleep-inducing chemical.
  • Get lots of sunlight during the day: Exposure to sunlight is another way the body regulates your sleep cycle through the production of melatonin. Spending all day in a dark room makes it harder to get to sleep at night. If your home or office doesn’t get enough sun during the day, consider investing in a light therapy lamp for combatting seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
  • Get comfortable: Set up your bedroom in the quietest, darkest part of the home. Investing in blackout curtains, noise-cancelling headphones and — of course — a good mattress and pillow will all contribute to the quality of your sleep.
  • Cut back on alcohol: It may seem counter-intuitive, but the sleep you’re getting after a few drinks is less restful than it would be if you were completely sober. Cutting out booze, especially right before bed, can help you sleep better.
  • Regulate your diet: Likewise, avoid caffeine and stay away from big meals at night. If you’re hungry for a midnight snack, avoid fatty meals that can cause indigestion. Instead, try a bowl of yogurt, a turkey sandwich or a piece of fruit.
  • Exercise regularly: A healthy body is more receptive to sleep. Making time for even a small amount of daily exercise will leave you more rested when you wake up in the morning. As an added bonus, exercise can help you lose weight, which in turn may be useful in combatting indigestion, sleep apnea and other issues keeping you up at night.

Taking steps to increase both the amount and quality of your sleep is worth it. If you’ve tried the above tips for better sleep but are still struggling, talk to your doctor about your options.