Bed Frames: Do They Really Need Replacing?

Mattress sales are not glamorous.  But what is the least glamorous part of your new bed?  The metal frame.  It’s the part that you think is included, but it’s probably not.  It’s the part that you don’t see, don’t care about, but can totally ruin your new mattress set.  It’s the part that you think is cheap, but since it’s made of steel, it’s not.

This is NOT an awesome frame.

This is NOT an awesome frame.

First, let’s talk about why it’s important.  It supports your foundation, which then supports your mattress.  If the frame doesn’t have a center support (for a queen or king size), you WILL damage your foundation and mattress.  Box springs aren’t designed to hold all the weight being placed on them without having support in the middle.  Conversely, if your frame is held together with the dreaded C-clamps, chances are that things have shifted a bit and the side of your foundation isn’t even on the frame anymore.  Also not good.

Second, let’s talk about why they cost so much.  They are made of steel, which is expensive.  They are heavy, and cost a lot to ship.  They are not a big money maker for mattress stores.

Third, let’s talk about your frame at home, and whether you can just use it again.  Does steel wear out?  Not really, but you want to make sure that your frame will adequately support your new, heavy mattress.  Is it the correct size?  There should be minimal room on each side of the foundation, between it and the side rails.  There should be a center support bar for queen and King frames.  There should be at least one leg extending to the ground in the middle of the bed, attached to this center support bar.  The frame should have all of the wheels/glides intact.  There should be no rust or corrosion.

This IS an awesome frame.

This IS an awesome frame.

Finally, let’s talk about why you would buy the more expensive frame, rather than the cheap-o frame.  A more expensive frame has more steel, more strength, and more of the rails touching the foundation.  There is usually a center support bar that is about 3-4” wide, extending from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed, which is especially important for king sized beds.  The wheels are wider, less likely to break, and have wheel locks.  They will be a one size only frame, meaning that they are not held together by nuts and bolts, but by wedge locks.  All in all, buying a more expensive frame will be a one time expense that you won’t have to replace.

So the next time you are buying a mattress, do your homework first and look at your frame.  If you can use it, great.  If you need a new one, spring for the best one that you can afford, and ensure that your investment in the mattress will extend as long as possible.

Mattress Toppers – Like Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Buying a mattress topper to extend the life of your mattress is a common solution for many people who are uncomfortable on their bed.  In some cases, it can be a lifesaver.  In others, it is like gluing your shoe back together – it makes it usable for a while, but things quickly go back to the way that they were before.

Polyurethane Mattress TopperWho Should Buy a Mattress Topper?

Really, only people who have a NEW mattress that they are just not comfortable on should purchase and use a mattress topper.  Their new mattress will still have adequate support, and that support will still benefit the sleeper even through a topper.  If you have a mattress that is less than 5 years old, isn’t sagging, and is just too firm, then by all means, purchase a topper. does carry toppers, though they are not currently available on the site for nationwide shipping.  If you are interested in purchasing one, give us a call at 855-377-6669, and we’d be happy to help you.  We have memory foam and latex toppers only, of high quality.  For more info on buying toppers, skip ahead to the “What to look for in a mattress topper” section…

Who Should NOT Buy a Mattress Topper?

Everyone else.  No, really.  If you have an old mattress, and are trying to make it more comfortable, just buy a new mattress.  The reason why your back hurts is the lack of support.  A topper does not offer any additional support, just comfort and pressure relief.  Your back is still going to feel as sore, even with a new topper.  If it’s a price issue, take a look at some less expensive yet supportive and comfortable mattresses like the Beautysleep Mount Laurel or the Perfect Sleeper Huxley Plush.  Many stores also offer financing, like our Lease Purchase Option from Acima with no credit needed.

I have heard of customers that just get so sick of mattress shopping, and are so confused by all the different beds and stores out there, that they just give up and buy a topper to make their current bed last longer.  People, procrastination isn’t going to help you.  Not only is mattress shopping going to be equally as horrible in a few years, but there was a reason why you went shopping in the first place: your mattress is worn out, and needs to be replaced.  Find a reputable dealer, that employs a salesperson that is both knowledgeable, and that you like.  Then spend an hour with them, and really decide what is best for you.

Mattress TopperWhat to Look For in a Mattress Topper

  • High density foams, such as memory foam, or latex foam will last the longest and offer the most pressure relief.  Good quality American made products, however, may cost as much as a new bed, so be prepared.
  • Stay away from those “egg-crate” polyurethane foams.  While they are in every bed every made, they are usually placed under a few layers of breathable material.  As a topper, they are right up against you, and will trap heat and make your bed into a sauna.  Additionally, they aren’t the most durable, so while cheap and easy to find, plan on replacing it in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Gel foams will keep you cool and comfortable, but are usually a bit firmer than other toppers.  They last a long time, but are pricey.
  • Yes, there are still down toppers.  No, I don’t like them.  They are bird feathers, you know.  They start to smell after a while.  The quills start to poke through the fabric and into your skin.  They cause some people overwhelming allergies.  You have to fluff them up EVERY DAY.  And really, it’s just gross.  Buy synthetic, buy foam, fill your bed with styrofoam peanuts, lay in 2″ of marshmallow fluff, whatever floats your boat, but please, don’t buy a down topper.  Yuck.

A topper can extend the comfort of your mattress for a period of time, but will not affect the support at all.  An old, tired mattress will still make you feel old and tired after sleeping on it, even with a topper.

Bed Bug Tips

With all the bed bugs in the news, it’s only a matter of time before you come in contact with one (or one thousand).  I’ve done some research about bed bug removal, and have compiled a list of what you can do to avoid an outbreak, as well as to treat an existing problem.  Remember that bed bugs aren’t the only pests that can plague your home, and many of these tips can be used for a variety of other insects too.

Avoiding Bed Bugs

Unlike other pests, bed bugs don’t live in your yard and invade your home without warning.  Most infestations are due to the bugs hitching a ride on a guest or clothing.

  1. When you travel, inspect the hotel room before bringing in your belongings. Bed bugs like to hide in crevices, like behind the bed, in picture frames, in the seams of the mattress.  They are large enough to be seen, and just a little checking can save you a lot of heartache down the road.
  2. If you didn’t find any bed bugs but still came out of your hotel stay with bites, take care not to bring them into your home.  Instead of bringing your luggage home, take it directly to a laundrymat, and wash all of your clothing in hot water (including what you’re wearing!)  Throw out the suitcase, and bring everything back in plastic bags.
  3. If you see someone scratching, stay away!  These bugs can transfer from human to human quite easily.  Treat them like they’re a virus…avoid them at all costs!
  4. If possible, ask guests that come into your home if they’ve had any issues with bed bugs or unexplained bites.

Bed Bug Treatment

If they are already in your home, there are a few ways to get rid of them, depending on the severity of the infestation.

  1. If you’ve caught the problem before it has become unmanageable, there are a few lesser known options to consider.  There is a product called bed bug spray that can treat a small area, or that can be used in conjunction with other remedies.  Bed bug spray is non-toxic, and can be used around children and pets.  It not only treats the problem, but also can be used as a repellant.
  2. Another way to treat a small infestation is with diatomaceous earth.  A fine powder of fossilized shells, it’s a completely natural way to rid yourself of bugs.  Just sprinkle it where the bugs are (or where they need to walk through), and wait for a few days.  When bugs walk through the powder, the tiny sharp edges perforate their legs, and their moisture escapes.  Kind of gross, but effective.  Diatomaceous earth is also great for fleas, roaches, and other walking insects.  It’s safe to use around kids and pets, it can even be applied to your pet’s fur to kill fleas already biting!
  3. Many pest control companies have a bed bug service using pesticides to kill bed bugs.  However, some strains of the pest have become resistant to the chemicals used, and so they are less effective now.  Not to mention, they are VERY EXPENSIVE.
  4. You can always just throw everything out, and set fire to your home.  Just kidding…or am I?

Bed bugs can be hard to get rid of, but it is possible.  The best option is to pay attention to your surroundings and avoid them at all costs.  Also, if you’ve been getting bitten, or find spots of blood on your sheets, treat for the bugs regardless if you see them or not.  It’s better to be safe than sorry!


The Best Mattress for You AND Your Partner, Together

I have told my customers hundreds of times “finding the best mattress for you is the most difficult thing that you can shop for”.  There are so many different choices, you’re never sure if you’re getting a good deal, and how are you supposed to know if you’ve got the best mattress until you’ve been sleeping on it for a few weeks?  As difficult as each of those problems are, to me, there is an even more difficult facet of buying a mattress.


Many, if not most, of our customers are couples that both sleep on the same bed.  And while the dynamics of every relationship are different, there is usually a “decider” and a “go-along”.  This “go-along” often says that they can sleep on anything, that the “decider” has worse back problems, or that their comfort isn’t as important as the “decider’s”.

Is Your Mattress the Best Mattress for You?Alright, “go-alongs”:  I am as much of a fan of choosing your battles as the next person, but this is a battle worth choosing.  Why?

  1. You are going to spend a THIRD of your life on this mattress, for the next ten years.  Don’t you deserve to be comfortable, as much as your partner?  If there is a possibility, even if it’s slight, that you won’t sleep well for TEN years, isn’t it worth looking into?  That’s 29,200 hours of tossing and turning.  You deserve the best mattress for your body type and support needs.
  2. Your partner’s back might be worse now, but who’s to say that yours won’t catch up?  Or that your hip and shoulder pain is less important?  Or that you won’t DEVELOP back pain from sleeping on a mattress that isn’t the best for you?
  3. One word: RESENTMENT.  If you’re not sleeping well, you will resent your partner for not only choosing the bed, but for sleeping well on it while you’re up at night.

Not to worry, if there cannot be a happy medium, there are other solutions that don’t involve separate bedrooms.  Here are some ideas so that everyone can be happy, rested, and pain free:

  • Beautyrest makes beds that have a softer side and a firmer side, but not for long.  It was last year’s feature, and isn’t available for this year’s models.  Call us for details and to see if they’re still available.
  • Memory foam is great for people who need different levels of support, or are of Your Best Mattress May Be Two Instead of One!different body types.  The memory foam responds to your body’s unique curves, and gives everyone unique support, complete pressure relief, and a motion free sleep.  One mattress may be the best mattress for everyone!
  • If you’re buying a king, you may want to consider two twin extra-long beds placed next to each other on a frame.  This set up is exactly the same dimensions as a king size, so your sheets and covers won’t be different.  We even have a device that will strap them together, and fill in the center crevice, called a Create-a-King.  We can help you select mattresses that will be the same height, and that way each person has their own unique feel and support.  This idea is also used all the time with adjustable bases…

So for all you “go-along” partners, remember that you deserve to be comfortable too.  Sure, there are times that giving in is easier than fighting for what you really want, and I’m a big proponent of letting everyone win every once in a while.  But don’t forget that this new purchase is a mattress, and can make your life great, or really exhausting and uncomfortable.  Your choice.

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Discount Codes from Dr Snooze

Discount Codes

29 March ComforPedic Popup copy 29 March SpiritSleep Popup copy

Bed Frames are Worth a Second Look

Bed frames are often overlooked, but they are more important than you think.  If your foundation isn’t properly supported, it can weaken in the middle, and cause your new mattress to sag.  Twin and full sizes don’t need a center support, but queen and king sized beds definitely do.  It’s also preferable to have your center support bar run from head to toe, especially for a king sized mattress, which has two foundations.  Before you put your new mattress onto your old frame, make sure that you double check that you won’t be damaging the mattress.

Headboard Bed FrameLooking to dress up your room?  All headboards can be attached to a regular old bed frame.   They come with their own hardware, and just screw in.  It’s an easy way to complete your look, without spending a lot or having to move a bunch of furniture!  If you elect to purchase a whole new bed set, meaning a headboard and footboard, it will come with it’s own rail system, and you won’t need your existing bed frame.  Just make sure that this new bed has center support bars, or if it has slats, that there are enough to adequately support your mattress and foundation.

At Dr Snooze, we only sell good quality frames, that have lifetime warranties.  We don’tBed Frame see the point in giving away promotional frames that will just break, or cause your bed to sag.  Our bed frames have wheels that lock, and a big center bar that runs from head to toe in queen and king sizes.  This frame will not bend, the wheels won’t break, and it will truly last a lifetime.

The last thing to think about when it comes to bed frames is the type of wheel or glide that it has.  If you like to move your bed often, then wheels would be better for you.  Also, if your bed will be sitting on carpet, wheels are preferred.  If your bedroom is hardwood, then glides are for you, they are like little feet at the bottom of the legs, and will keep your bed from moving around and scratching your floor.  We carry both types, and both are the same quality.

The moral of the story?  Check your frame.  Take your foundation off, and really inspect it. If there is any weakness, missing hardware, a cracked wheel, or any other defect, get a new one.  The cost is relatively low, compared to replacing a brand new mattress that sags!

Pillows: Down, Fiber, and Foam

Ever think about pillows?  We all know that sleeping on a tired, old mattress can make us feel, well, tired and old. A worn out mattress can be the source of back pain. But what about an old pillow? Or a new pillow, that we bought at a discount retailer for $5.99? Did you know that your pillow can affect your head, neck, shoulders, and the upper quarter of your back? So if you’re spending $700 on a new mattress, why are you going to use that same old pillow?

Your neck needs proper support too. Here’s a guide to the terminology of pillows, and what you should be sleeping on.

Memory Foam – like beds, pillows can be made of memory foam also. They tend to beMemory Foam Pillow thicker, and are slow reaction. If you like them really soft and squishy, then memory foam is not for you. If you like a firmer pillow, like to tuck it between your head and shoulder, then this is the perfect pillow for you. They are also dust mite resistant, and usually last for 3-5 years. A good example is the Dough Memory Foam.

Latex Foam – like memory foam, latex is dust mite resistant, and have a 3-5 year life. However, latex is a quick reaction foam, so these pillows have bounce and buoyancy. Latex PillowThey usually come in different densities, which are outlined below. Latex is ventilated, and will not sleep hot. Check out the Zoned 100{d066f20f781a5b527d275b31e1f8758c7870657f3e5775941a299b25a4f5af5a} Talalay Latex Pillow.

Fiber – these are the ones that you get for $5 at the discount stores. It’s the traditional pillow fill, which gets lumpy over time, and offers questionable support. I know you’re used to them, but why? If you must, get one with siliconized fiber that won’t clump, and will offer better support, like the Gelled Microfiber Pillow.

Down Pillows – really think about this one. They are goose feathers. Feathers. From an animal. Besides the gross factor, they harbor all types of insects, dust mites, allergens, etc. They offer no support, the feathers poke through the pillow case, I could go on and on. But I won’t, just PLEASE throw them out.

High Loft vs. Low Loft – loft refers to thickness. A high loft pillow is going to be thicker, and designed more for side sleepers. Low loft is going to be thinner, perfect for back and stomach sleepers, and smaller people.

High Density vs. Low Density – also known as “plush” vs. “firm”, this refers to the softness of the pillow (foam). A plush feel is going to be softer, while the firm is going to be more stiff. This is more a personal preference, but keep in mind that a plush latex pillow is going to be VERY soft, and may not offer enough firmness for side sleepers.

Plan to spend between $100-$200 on a pillow. If you buy quality, it will last you for at least three years. A good pillow can make the difference and help you wake up pain free, which is a lot better than not being able to move your head…