4 of the Best Comforpedic Loft Models to look for during a Mattress Sale in Ocala, Florida!

Comforpedic Loft Models to look for during a Mattress Sale in Ocala, FloridaSo you have done a little bit of research (or maybe you are doing it right now), and the brand that you are looking for is Comforpedic Loft by Beautyrest.  There are at least 8 models on the market today, and simply choosing between those models can be difficult at best.  If you are like most people, you will wait until they go on sale and buy the one that is the best feel at the lowest price.

All Comforpedic models include the AirCool® DesignSales can be great, but use them to get the RIGHT model at the lowest price, not one that you think will be serviceable and just “OK” for you.

All Comforpedic models include the AirCool® Design- a complete system designed to combine Memory Foam, support foams, edge support, and fabric to make one complete system that is both breathable and easy to move around on.

I usually advise customers to think about their sleeping position to figure out which model might be best for them.  Sleep position is the position you are in when you first fall asleep, not the position you are in when you wake up.  That is the position your brain says is the most comfortable for your body.  Here are reviews of the 4 most popular Comforpedic models:

4 most popular Comforpedic models

Johnstown Luxury Firm

Typically a good bed for someone who is a stomach sleeper, the Johnstown has 1.5” of Memory Foam and a firm support structure to prevent your body from sagging in the middle third.  The Johnstown is also good for someone who prefers a firmer feel but wants just a little bit of softness.  Compare to the Dreamy Sky™.

Northville Plush

A great bed for customers who prefer to fall asleep on their back (or a good compromise bed for couples who cannot decide which feel is best), the Northville features two layers of Memory Foam to provide a more buoyant sleep system.  It is still relatively firm, but has much more comfort than the Johnstown.  Still good for stomach sleepers as well.  Compare to the Sparkling Stars™.

Lewis City Deluxe Plush

A good bed for shoulder or hip pain in the side sleeping position, the Lewis City Deluxe also features GelTouch™ Gel infused Memory Foam to help you sleep a little cooler.  This bed is a superb value, as a full 40{d066f20f781a5b527d275b31e1f8758c7870657f3e5775941a299b25a4f5af5a} of the mattress is either Memory foam or Gel Memory Foam.  It is comparable to another bed called the Evening Star™.

Hamburg Luxury Plush

The best bed in the Comforpedic line for side sleepers, the Hamburg Luxury Plush is the real WOW bed in the line.  If you find this on sale, and you are looking for the best option available, jump on the opportunity.  It features the most memory foam and gel in the line, but still has a solid feel and is relatively easy to move around on.  Compare to the Bright Nights™.


Are Your Legs Swollen? You Might Benefit from an Adjustable Bed

Swelling in the legs can be painful, uncomfortable, and can keep you from enjoying your life to the fullest.  The swelling can be caused by heart disease, blood clots, or something as ordinary as prolonged standing or sitting, pregnancy, or taking ibuprofen.

Benefit from an Adjustable Bed The Mayo Clinic recommends that if you suffer from leg edema (the technical term for the swelling of the legs, ankles and feet), you follow the following measures and make an appointment with your doctor:

  • Take frequent breaks when standing or sitting for an extended period of time.  Move around, unless it causes pain.
  • Don’t stop taking your medications, even if you think that they might be the source of the swelling of the legs.
  • Try an over the counter pain medication that lessens swelling.  It may also help alleviate the pain associated with leg edema.
  • Elevate your legs when lying down, as this can lessen the buildup of fluid.

It’s this last tip that we will focus on here.  An adjustable bed can keep your legs comfortably elevated while resting, sleeping, watching TV, or reading.

Piling pillows under your legs may be an effective short term solution, but anyone that has tried to sleep this way knows that the pillows will slide and eventually become misaligned, causing the legs to fall.  This most often happens when you’re asleep, and therefore unaware.  This type of unsteady elevation is beneficial for the first hour, but is ineffective for the entire night.

Elevating swollen legs, ankles, and feet doesn’t only make the condition more comfortable, it can actually assist in draining that extra fluid from the extremities, and improving the condition.

buy adjustable beds onlineMore serious than regular leg edema, ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, can also be helped immensely by an adjustable bed.  The ALS Association defines ALS as a progressive disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, eventually making them unable to control the movement of muscles.  This disease eventually leads to decreased movement, up to paralysis.

While adjustable beds cannot assist in some areas of ALS such as difficulty swallowing or speaking, it can help with the painful swelling of the legs due to inactivity.  The heart pumps blood into the extremities, but often needs help from muscle movement to bring that blood back to the heart.  ALS sufferers are either unable to move, or have such painful, restricted movement, that the blood doesn’t travel quickly back to the heart, and pools at the feet.

An actual ALS sufferer noted that she felt much better after getting a full night’s sleep, elevating her legs.  This took down the swelling in her feet and legs, and kept it at bay for most of the day.  She stated that lying in bed was more beneficial for her than sitting in a recliner.

By raising the foot of the adjustable bed, this assists in getting that blood back to the heart, and reducing swelling.  Not only does this make for a more pleasant day, but it also helps the ALS sufferer stay more active, and keep the swelling at bay.  An adjustable bed is just one way to help combat the symptoms of this painful and devastating disease.

Whether you just have occasional swelling, or chronic edema or ALS, an adjustable bed can increase your circulation, and get that blood and fluid back into your circulation system, instead of pooling in your legs and feet.

Adjustable Bed Reviews

Uses of Adjustable Beds – Read the Health Benefits

Limited Time Offer – Get Upto 50{d066f20f781a5b527d275b31e1f8758c7870657f3e5775941a299b25a4f5af5a} OFF on All Mattresses

Youtube Video on Adjustable Bed Reviews, Pros, Cons and Complaints.



Simmons BeautySleep – Are BeautySleep Beds Good for Sex?

There are two main things that we do in our beds – sleep, and have sex.  I know that when you go out shopping for mattresses, the last thing that you want to ask questions about is how good the mattress is for sex, but it’s an important part of the decision making.  And believe me, the mattress salespeople have heard, and seen, it all.  There is nothing that you can do to embarrass them, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty about BeautySleep beds, and whether they will benefit, or hinder, your love life.

BeautySleep Beds Good for Sex

Things to Consider:

  1. Ease of Movement – Even if you’re not an athletic love making machine, you still need to get into the correct position.  This usually means that one person is on their knees, and has to be able to adjust accordingly.  If the mattress is too soft, this can be difficult, and it may feel like climbing out of a hole. A memory foam mattress can be worse, since it responds to weight, and the knees will sink in very far, and the mattress won’t respond quickly. A BeautySleep mattresses run the comfort gamut between firm and plush pillow top, but none are marshmallow soft, and all are easy to move around on.  Change positions at will!
  2. Pressure Relief for Contact Body Parts – Like I stated before, the knees take the brunt of the pressure for one partner.  There is nothing worse than getting distracted by pain and discomfort.  Similarly, if a partner is on their back, you don’t want the buttocks or lower back to feel pressure points.  BeautySleep beds have adequate padding, even in the inexpensive models, to combat this pressure point issue.  Furthermore, most of the models have individually pocketed coils, which respond and conform individually, offering even greater relief.
  3. Bounciness – Some of us need a little help in the rhythm department.  Nothing helps move it along more than a bouncy mattress.  BeautySleep mattresses aren’t especially bouncy, but they will provide resistance, and keep the rhythm on track. Word to the wise, if you’re looking for a little help from the bounce, don’t go for a memory foam bed, you’ll be getting more of a workout than you planned!
  4. Durability – As a mattress salesperson, I’ve heard many stories of the mattress starting to creak or crunch, or the foundation splintering from too much nocturnal activity.  BeautySleep mattresses never creak, shift, or crunch, due to their individually pocketed coil system and foam encased edge support.  And the foundation?  It’s called Triton Lite, and is one of the strongest out there, you literally cannot break it.  I dare you to try…

BeautySleep Beds Good for Sex

See, you can get a mattress that’s comfortable for sleeping, as well as for sex!  Check out our whole line-up of BeautySleep beds for your next late night liason!

Buying New Mattress ? How to Choose the Right Mattress?

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Having Occasional Back Pain – Sleeping On The Floor: Crazy or Comfy?

I got a question the other day through our contact form, and thought that I’d share it and the answer with you:

“I have occasional back pain, and have found that it’s more comfortable for me to sleep on the floor when having an episode.  Some people say that this is great for you, and others say that it’s bad.  What is your opinion?”  –Charlene

Great question.  While my knee-jerk reaction as a mattress store representative is to say that sleeping on the floor is bad and that you need a mattress, I thought that I’d do a bit of research.  Amazingly enough, there are a TON of articles and blogs about how great sleeping on the floor is.  I found a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests that for those people without serious back issues and only occasional pain, that sleeping on the floor helped with aches and pains.  Many people sleep on the floor using only a folded up blanket, or a yoga mat as cushioning.  Here are some benefits that were listed:

  • It forces you to sleep on your back, and you don’t toss and turn really at all.  I’m assuming that this is because of the pressure points while sleeping on the side would be unbearable.
  • It’s a space saver!
  • There were reports of back pain going away, and of feeling exceptionally refreshed in the morning.
  • The Japanese sleep on very firm floor pads, and see how smart and productive they are!

imagesAnd here are the cons that were listed:

  • The floor is one of the dirtiest places in your home.  Think bugs, spiders, etc.
  • You’re probably going to sleep alone, since your partner (or potential partner) will probably not want to be down there with you.
  • It’s cold.

Finally, here are my concerns:

  • As we get older, it gets harder and harder to get up off the floor, especially in the morning when your joints might be a little stiff.
  • I don’t think that I could survive not ever sleeping on my side.
  • The purpose of modern mattresses is to support the natural position of the spine.  The spine is curved; it goes in at your lower back.  If you sleep on your back, on a very firm, flat surface, the weight of your organs actually pushes that natural curve towards the floor.  End result: your naturally concaved back is forced into an unnatural straight position for eight hours, while your body is supposed to be healing and rejuvenating itself.

Overall, I believe to each his own.  If you’re comfortable on the floor, then so be it.  However, I do believe that we were meant to sleep on something padded, since cavemen were known to pad their sleeping area with pelts, grasses, or whatever they could get their hands on.  I think that the problem that some people are finding is that their mattress is not the correct support, and the change in support moving to the floor is refreshing.  My recommendation?  Sleep on the floor if you want, but eventually, you’ll have to get a good bed, like the rest of us.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms - America spends approximately $50 billion a year on low back pain.


BeautyRest Mattress – Why People Love Beautyrest Mattresses

Just in case you’ve missed all of my other articles, blogs, and posts, here we go again.  Read it through, I guarantee that one of these will apply to you…Mattresses for Deep Sleep

  • Better sleep because they can’t feel their partner – this is because of the individually pocketed coils.  True, it’s not exactly the newest innovation, but it’s still working better than any other coil system out there.  Each partner only affects the coils underneath them.  This is also great for partners that weigh different amounts; they won’t end up in a hole in the middle of the mattress.
  • Less back pain when they wake up – again, this is partly the coil system.  Since the coils are individual, they conform better to the curves in the body, and support more evenly.  Pair this with AirCool foam, which cushions and supports, and there goes your back pain.
  • Less tossing and turning – this is due to the coil system and that AirCool foam, as explained in the previous point.
  • The bed feels bigger – one of the great benefits of foam encasement.  All Beautyrest mattresses have foam encased edge support, which means that there is a border of extra firm foam, wrapping the bed around the edges.  You can sleep on the edge of the bed without feeling like you’re falling off, and it makes for a great seating edge too.  Foam encased edge support is also very durable.
  • Never have any warranty problems – Beautyrest has the lowest return rate in the industry, when compared to other innerspring companies.  That’s because they just don’t sag, and they are made to last.  Every bed that comes off of the Beautyrest line is perfect and passes strict quality control standards.
  • The box spring never squeaks or breaks – no matter how much “action” is happening on top of the bed, the foundation is still going to be rock solid.  This is because they are reinforced with steel, and have a grid on the top of the foundation to evenly support the mattress.  They weigh a ton, and last forever.
  • Never sleep hot again – every model has AirCool Foam.  AirCool foam is specially formulated to increase air flow in the mattress, while cushioning the pressure points of the sleeper.  Also, every model has a natural fiber cotton cover, which is breathable.  They also have ventilated edge support, and a way for air to escape out the side of the mattress.  It’s a whole system of cooling, just for you.

These were just what I had on the top of my head; there are probably a bunch more reasons why people love their Beautyrest beds.  Think for a minute about your old bed, and then how much better a Beautyrest would be!

Buying Mattress Online? $10 Says Your Mattress is Past It’s Prime

There is a lot of confusion about when is the right time to change your mattress.  There is no concrete answer, because a lot of factors contribute to the wear and tear on your bed.  These factors include:

  • Weight of sleepers – the heavier the users of the bed, the quicker it will degrade
  • What the bed is used for – if it’s used for more than sleep, for example watching TV, reading, or sex, it can become worn faster.
  • Abuse – if the bed has been jumped on, spilled on, moved excessively, or stored incorrectly, it can lose support and comfort quicker.
  • Maintenance – if the mattress has been turned and flipped (if two-sided) regularly, it may last longer than if it was just left or turned only occasionally.

All of the above notwithstanding, there is a basic time frame when you need to think about replacing your mattress set.  While many experts like the Better Sleep Council just state that a mattress over seven years old isn’t providing the best support and comfort, we’ve found some other resources that are a bit more specific:

  • Standard Quality Innerspring Mattresses–eHow.com says that a low to mid-quality mattress should only last for between five to seven years.  These beds usually cost between $500 and $1000 in a queen size.
  • Premium Quality Innerspring Mattresses – eHow.com states that premium innerspring sets, which usually cost over $1000 in a queen, should last about ten years.
  • Standard Memory Foam Mattresses – eHow.com gives standard memory foam (meaning not the higher density models) about ten to fifteen years.  Standard memory foam beds range in price from $500 to $1400 in a queen size, approximately.
  • Premium Memory Foam Mattresses – these mattresses range in price from $1500 to $8000 in a queen size, and last for about twenty to twenty-five years.

According to the above time frames, a memory foam mattress will get you more sleep for your buck.  Premium memory foam, like a Simmons Comforpedic Mattress, will have higher density memory foam in it, which is more durable and resilient than lower density, softer memory foams.  Another way to gauge the life expectancy of a new mattress is to take a look at the warranty.  Most innerspring mattresses come with a ten year full replacement warranty, while memory foam like the Simmons Comforpedic Mattress come with up to twenty-five years of warranty protection.

Regardless of the estimated life spans listed above, you should listen to your body to assess if it’s time to go mattress shopping.  According to Abe Abbas, an about.com guide, when your body starts to ache, ifyou feel uncomfortable on the mattress, or if you see visible wear and tear like lumps, sags, or coils crunching.  He also states that if you suffer from allergies due to dust mites in the mattress, or if you’re over forty and have been sleeping on the same bed for more than ten years, it’s time.  Abe says that this last reason is because your body becomes more sensitive to pressure points after forty, and you may be tossing and turning too much, and affecting your health.

Finally, we’ve heard some unproven facts, stating that your mattress’ weight can increase 10-20{d066f20f781a5b527d275b31e1f8758c7870657f3e5775941a299b25a4f5af5a} over 10 years, due to dust mite feces, dust mite carcasses, and bodily fluids leaking into the mattress.  And if that doesn’t make you want to change out your mattress, I don’t know what will.

Memory Foams – Stop Complaining, and Take a Second Look at Memory Foam

We live in a world of ever changing technology, and the mattress industry is no stranger to innovation.  Fifteen years ago, no one had heard of memory foam, and now they are in every store, and account for a significant percentage of new mattress sales.  Like with everything that is new, there is a lot of conflicting information out there, regarding how they feel, react, perform, and support.  However, there are some companies who are staying ahead of the curve, and who have addressed these concerns and fixed many of the issues that were originally reported.

Complaint #1: Memory foam beds sleep hot.

While early memory foam was closed cell and could be warm, many steps have been made since then to make memory foam beds more breathable.  For example, consider the AirCool system in Comforpedic mattresses.  This system includes ventilated foam, gel infused memory foam layers, ventilated edge support, and mesh side fabric.  The AirCool system is proven to dissipate heat up to 2.8 times faster than the competition, and is the most innovative memory foam cooling system currently on the market.

Complaint #1: Memory foam beds sleep hot.Complaint #2: Memory foam feels like quicksand, and I never stop sinking!

While to an extent this is the nature of the beast, many companies are coming out with their own signature blends of the foam, and making strides to make it a quicker reaction experience.  Comforpedic mattresses have this feature, due to their innovative AirCool memory foam blend, which is quicker reaction, while maintaining the density, durability, and support.

Complaint #3: They are too hard to move around on.

While this is true, the statistics say that you change position in memory foam about 80{d066f20f781a5b527d275b31e1f8758c7870657f3e5775941a299b25a4f5af5a} less than in traditional innerspring mattresses.  This is due to increased circulation, provided by pressure relieving memory foam cushioning hips, shoulders, and backs.  The idea behind a memory foam bed is that you sleep more “in” the bed, rather than “on top”.  Due to this, the complaints will remain about difficulty moving, because that is what the mattresses are designed to do.  Furthermore, as technology moves along, and manufacturers keep innovating, they will probably address this issue as well.

Regardless of the strides that bedding manufacturers have made, innerspring mattresses are still the most popular selling mattresses.  And while there will always be a market for the innerspring mattress, there are a few reasons why memory foam beds are worth a second look.

Second Look #1: Memory foam beds offer superior support. 

They hug the body, and respond to heat and weight, keeping your spine in its most natural position.  Memory foam beds are also better at relieving pressure, and can even relieve pain (according to webMD ).  This is because there are no metal coils creating pressure points, memory foam beds even out the pressure over your entire body, maintaining your circulation, and reducing aches and pains.  Dr. Breus states (on webMD)”If you have a hard time getting comfortable, if you have chronic fatigue, or some type of muscle pain, then a memory foam mattress would work well for you”.

Second Look #2: Memory foam lasts much longer than innerspring mattresses.

For example, Comforpedic mattresses have a twenty-five year warranty on them, and perform better in durability tests than innerspring beds.

why memory foam beds are worth a second look.

Second Look #3: Memory foam keeps you sleeping undisturbed.

Memory foam is also better for motion separation, so partners don’t disturb each other, and they are ideal for adjustable base use.

Mattress selection is a very personal decision, which is why some beds are perfect for some people, but not good for others.  Overall, memory foam beds stand up next to any other type of mattress, and hold their own, especially since so many innovations have been made, as seen in Comforpedic mattresses.  They are no longer warm, some are quicker reaction, and they are easier to move around on than previous memory foam models.  Memory foam has been proven to relieve pressure points, give superior support, and has great motion separation between partners.  A memory foam bed will never feel like an innerspring, and an innerspring will have a hard time matching the support, pressure relief, and durability of memory foam. Memory foam may not be for everyone, but they are worth your consideration the next time that you’re shopping for a new mattress.

Sex-related concerns aren’t the reason behind most returns of mattresses – Get a Memory Foam Bed to Sleep Better. For Sex, find an alternative place.

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3 Reasons to Choose Comforpedic Memory Foam

Comforpedic 365 Day Comfort Exchange

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Not to worry, Dr Snooze offers White Glove Delivery to the entire continental US!  Our White Glove Delivery service includes setting up your new set, including any frames, and removing your old set on the truck.  How does delivery work?

  1. You place your order on www.drsnooze.com.
  2. Within 72 hours, you’ll receive a confirmation email, stating that your order is processing.
  3. As soon as a tracking number is available, we will send this to you in an email.
  4. You are able to track your order every step of the way!
  5. Once your order reaches a local delivery terminal, your final delivery team will call you to schedule the final delivery date and 4-hour time window.
  6. Your product is delivered on time, to your satisfaction!

All that you have to do is place the order, and open your front door!

Even though we are located in Florida, we will take care of any damages that occur on delivery.  If you inspect the merchandise and find that it’s not perfect, make a note on the delivery manifest for the local driver, and call our Customer Service team at 855-377-6669 within twenty-four hours.  We will either repair or replace the damaged piece at no cost to you.

No matter where you live, from Washington State to Maine, we are able and excited to deliver you your next mattress!



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Discount Codes

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Comforpedic – 3 Unconventional Reasons Why YOU Need a Comforpedic Mattress

  1. Because your sleep is important.

Check out the infographic by ZEO, and read why you really need to pay attention to your sleep.  It affects everything from cancer to weight gain, and can have drastic effects on your health.  Face it, no one is getting the amount or quality of sleep that we need, and it’s getting harder and harder to fit the needed eight hours into our schedules.  Why not make the sleep you get count more?  Toss and turn less, increase circulation, relieve pressure points, support your back, wake up refreshed.  Comforpedic mattresses do all of this with their AirCool memory foam, which is soft and firm, comfortable and supportive.

make the sleep you get count -memory foam mattresse

   2. Because you should plan for the future.

Yeah, your IRA and 401K are great, but what about your health?  As you get older, your needs are going to change.  Your body is going to change.  You will probably have aches and pains, possibly some arthritis, god forbid anything worse than that.  If you already have a Comforpedic mattress, you’re ahead of the game.  They will help with all those ailments that appear when you age, and will keep you more comfortable for longer.  Also, they have twenty-five year warranties.  Do the math, and find out how old you’ll be in twenty-five years…you’ll need something that’s pressure relieving and supportive, believe me.

3. Because you deserve the best technology.

You keep on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to your phone, your laptop or tablet, your tv, your car.  Why are you sleeping on the mattress technology of fifty years ago?  Newer is better, right?  Comforpedic mattresses have the AirCool Sleep System, which is a combination of ventilated edge support, AirCool memory foam, mesh side walls, and TruTemp gel that keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.  Their exclusive AirCool memory foam is quicker to react than other memory foams, and feels both soft and supportive at the same time. Comforpedic mattresses have the latest in technology and innovation, to keep you on the cutting edge of, well, sleep.

Regardless of why you choose Comforpedic mattresses, be it to perform better at work, plan for your arthritic future, or because you always need the best of the best, they won’t let you down.

DrSnooze is one of the leading Mattress stores in Ocala. Get the best deals on different mattress brands in Ocala Florida where you can Save upto 60{d066f20f781a5b527d275b31e1f8758c7870657f3e5775941a299b25a4f5af5a} along with Free Shipping / Free Set Up / Free Removal Options. Call us to Find out More – 855-377-6669

Why YOU Need a Comforpedic Mattress

Infographic by ZEO