Pillows: Down, Fiber, and Foam

Ever think about pillows?  We all know that sleeping on a tired, old mattress can make us feel, well, tired and old. A worn out mattress can be the source of back pain. But what about an old pillow? Or a new pillow, that we bought at a discount retailer for $5.99? Did you know that your pillow can affect your head, neck, shoulders, and the upper quarter of your back? So if you’re spending $700 on a new mattress, why are you going to use that same old pillow?

Your neck needs proper support too. Here’s a guide to the terminology of pillows, and what you should be sleeping on.

Memory Foam – like beds, pillows can be made of memory foam also. They tend to beMemory Foam Pillow thicker, and are slow reaction. If you like them really soft and squishy, then memory foam is not for you. If you like a firmer pillow, like to tuck it between your head and shoulder, then this is the perfect pillow for you. They are also dust mite resistant, and usually last for 3-5 years. A good example is the Dough Memory Foam.

Latex Foam – like memory foam, latex is dust mite resistant, and have a 3-5 year life. However, latex is a quick reaction foam, so these pillows have bounce and buoyancy. Latex PillowThey usually come in different densities, which are outlined below. Latex is ventilated, and will not sleep hot. Check out the Zoned 100{d066f20f781a5b527d275b31e1f8758c7870657f3e5775941a299b25a4f5af5a} Talalay Latex Pillow.

Fiber – these are the ones that you get for $5 at the discount stores. It’s the traditional pillow fill, which gets lumpy over time, and offers questionable support. I know you’re used to them, but why? If you must, get one with siliconized fiber that won’t clump, and will offer better support, like the Gelled Microfiber Pillow.

Down Pillows – really think about this one. They are goose feathers. Feathers. From an animal. Besides the gross factor, they harbor all types of insects, dust mites, allergens, etc. They offer no support, the feathers poke through the pillow case, I could go on and on. But I won’t, just PLEASE throw them out.

High Loft vs. Low Loft – loft refers to thickness. A high loft pillow is going to be thicker, and designed more for side sleepers. Low loft is going to be thinner, perfect for back and stomach sleepers, and smaller people.

High Density vs. Low Density – also known as “plush” vs. “firm”, this refers to the softness of the pillow (foam). A plush feel is going to be softer, while the firm is going to be more stiff. This is more a personal preference, but keep in mind that a plush latex pillow is going to be VERY soft, and may not offer enough firmness for side sleepers.

Plan to spend between $100-$200 on a pillow. If you buy quality, it will last you for at least three years. A good pillow can make the difference and help you wake up pain free, which is a lot better than not being able to move your head…

Comforpedic Restored Spirits

Comforpedic Restored SpiritsI know, get me off the Comforpedic wagon!  This is the last one, I promise.  However, you could say that I saved the best for last.  The big mama.  The top of the heap.  The Restored Spirits.

Sure, the price can be daunting (a Twin XL mattress is over $2000), but is it worth it?  Consider this: the Restored Spirits has FIVE inches of memory foam on the top.  FIVE inches.  I would love to tell you the least expensive mattress by that major memory foam brand that has FIVE inches of memory foam, but they don’t list their specifications anywhere.  If you compare overall height, however, the Restored Spirits comes out ahead every time.

AirCool with TruTempLike the other Comforpedic 2013 models, the Restored Spirits has AirCool Memory Foam with TruTemp gel.  It also has the whole AirCool system, with the ventilated side walls and edge support.  What this mattress has that the other do not, is the cover.  If you’ve done any research about Evenloft covers, you know how great they are.  They are natural fiber, and have four-way stretch.  This means that the mattress hugs your curves even more, you can’t feel your partner, and you stay cool and comfortable all night long.  The Evenloft cover is found on better quality Beautyrest beds, and offers a smooth top to cradle you all night long.

The Comforpedic Restored Spirits is 13″ thick.  It’s super heavy.  It has a 25 year limited warranty.  It has gel.  It has ventilation.  It has an Evenloft cover.  What else do you need?

Comforpedic Renewed Energy – An “Expert” Opinion

Comforpedic by BeautyrestIf you’ve been following my blog, it may seem like I’m on a Comforpedic high.  Well, I am.  I have been around the mattress industry for several years now, and haven’t seen anything like these anywhere.  I had the luxury of spending some time actually laying on a Renewed Energy, and figured that I’d let you know what I thought.  An expert review of sorts.

The first thing that I noticed when I laid on it was the quick reaction.  I actually sleep on a memory foam bed at home, and am used to that slow sink.  This mattress has a completely different feel.  It doesn’t feel as stiff as a regular innerspring, it definitely has the body hugging feel of a memory foam.  However, it wasn’t hard to move around on, change position, or get out of.  That, was refreshing.

I’m a natural side sleeper, I rarely sleep on my back.  I started off on the Renewed Energy on my back, however, and it was comfortable.  My usual issue (and why I don’t sleep on my back) is that either the mattress is too stiff, and my pelvis is pushed up, or the mattress is too soft, and I’m hammocking.  This Comforpedic had a great middle of the road feel, and I didn’t experience either one of those problems.  I then moved to my side, and the mattress was still soft enough to ease the usual hip pressure point.  Really, it felt great.

ComforpedicLike I said before, I sleep on a memory foam bed at home.  I am used to the heat factor of memory foam, and have accepted it as a by-product of the support that I need.  I tried out the Comforpedic Renewed Energy after hours at the Dr Snooze showroom, after the A/C had turned off.  The thermostat read 78 degrees, so it was already a bit warm in there.  I was on the bed for about an hour, and didn’t feel any heat from the mattress.  True, there were no sheets, and I wasn’t sleeping, but I was comfortable, even with the room so warm.  That AirCool memory foam with TruTemp gel is no joke.  It really works.

The bed felt comfortable, supportive, and cool.  I could have easily fallen asleep when I was testing it out.  I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a memory foam bed of a medium feel, and is concerned about heat retention.  Overall, one of the most comfortable memory foam beds I’ve tested.  I guess you can call it: “Dr Snooze Approved”!

Is the Comforpedic Advanced Rest YOUR Next Mattress?

I know you…you’re the smart shopper.  The one that waits for the best product at the best deal.  The one that doesn’t get carried away with the big trends, and always makes the smart choice.  Well, my savvy shopper, your memory foam ship has come in.  I introduce to you: the Advanced Rest.

Comforpedic Advanced RestYou’ve been watching all of your less prudent friends go out and spend big bucks on memory foam, only to complain that it was hard to get out of, expensive, and hot.  And while they all say that they are comfortable, that their back pain has gone away, and that they wake up more refreshed, you knew in your heart of hearts that something better was out there.  Feast your eyes on these features of the Advanced Rest:

AirCool Memory Foam with TruTemp Gel – this memory foam has little beads of gel suspended in it, pulling the excess heat away from your body.  It’s patented, and it removes excess heat 2.8 times faster than the competition.

AirCool Memory Foam – even without the TruTemp Gel, this is revolutionary.  Other memory foams are slow reaction, this isn’t.  It moves quickly, while offering the same support and pressure relief.  AirCool is much easier to move around in and get out of than regular memory foam.

AirCool Sleep System – from the mesh side material, to the ventilated edge support, every detail of this mattress is designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

Finally, the moment that you’ve been waiting for.  The price.  A queen set of the Advanced Rest is less than $1400.00.  This is not a sub-par mattress, either.  It has the same 25-year warranty as mattress sets that are double it’s price.  Furthermore, you know it’s quality, it’s a Comforpedic, made by Simmons.

So, put on your glasses, and check out the specifications, reviews, benefits, and prices.  I challenge you to find a better deal than this.  Your good night’s sleep has finally arrived.


The New 2013 Comforpedic Balanced Days is Here!

Comforpedic MattressThe Balanced Days is one of the new 2013 Comforpedics, which just hit our store and website last month.  This new line-up of memory foam mattresses is so unique, and technologically so far ahead of the competition, that we felt that we had to devote an entire blog to each of them.  At Dr Snooze, we are so excited about these new beds, and truly believe that they can make a difference in your sleep, and in your life.  Following is some information about the Balanced Days:

The Balanced Days is a plush feeling mattress, 12.5” thick.  It has 1” of 4.0 AirCool Memory Foam with TruTemp Gel.  This material is brand new from Comforpedic.  It is their patented AirCool Memory Foam, improved.  The TruTemp Gel absorbs your excess body heat, stores it, and then releases it through the sides of the mattress when you shift positions.  It dissipates heat 2.8 times faster and more efficiently than the nearest competitor’s bed.  If you are sensitive to heat, this material is truly a must-have!Comforpedic Profile

The second layer in the Balanced Days is 1.5” of 4.5lb Advanced AirCool Memory Foam, followed by 2” of 4.5lb AirCool Memory Foam.  These two layers offer support, conformance, and comfort.  They are ventilated, and further assist the TruTemp Gel in keeping you cool, and comfortable, all night.  The proprietary AirCool formula responds quicker to your weight and movement than regular memory foams, making that “sinky” feeling a thing of the past.  AirCool makes it easier to move around in, and get out of, your bed.

The core of the Balanced Days is made up of two layers: 2” of Independent Support Technology, and 5” of AirCool Transflexion Core.  The Independent Support Technology promotes proper sleeping posture, and the Transflexion Core is specially treated to be maximally conforming and comfortable, from day one.  No break in time needed!

AirCool DiagramThe AirCool Mesh Border and AirCool Edge Support give the Balanced Days a great seating edge, but also completes the cycle for that warm air.  It is able to make its way out of the mattress, through the edge support and mesh, and away from you!

The Comforpedic Balanced Days is a softer mattress, ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers.  Its ultra-conformance will ease pressure points, increase your circulation, and keep you comfortable all night, without tossing and turning.  It is also ideal for those with medical issues, such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, chronic pain, circulation problems, diabetes, or other pain.  Partner’s won’t feel each other moving, and will get undisturbed sleep.  It comes backed by a 25 year warranty, directly from Comforpedic, so you’ll sleep comfortably knowing that the mattress is built to last.  Available in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King, stop by or surf over to www.drsnooze.com and check out the Balanced Days today!

What is a “plush firm”?

The other day I got a question in my email from Maggie D. in Liberty, Missouri.  She wanted to know what a plush firm is.  It’s a great question, because a plush firm is a new type of feel that was introduced by Simmons Beautyrest, to fill a void in the market.  A plush firm is a feel that is not as hard as a firm, but not as soft as a plush.  Beautyrest accomplishes this by firming up the coils in their innerspring system, while using the same amount and type of padding as a plush.  The result is a soft on top and firm underneath sensation when lying on the mattress.

Mattress manufacturers like to put fancy labels on their mattresses, calling one bed extra firm, another cushion firm, and another luxury firm.  They change the feel by changing the padding layers on top of the coil system.  This is entirely different than the plush firm feel, since the plush firm beds actually have a completely different gauge of wire for the coil system than their plush counterparts.

Beautyrest CoilPlush firm beds are ideal for back and stomach sleepers.  Since the coil system is quite firm, side sleepers may be more comfortable on a plush instead, but I have sold many to side sleepers with nothing but rave reviews.  A plush firm is also great for heavier people, since the coil is of a thicker, stronger gauge.  It’s a great way to have a firmer bed, but while still being comfortable with a little padding on the top.

While Simmons Beautyrest really “invented” the plush firm, you’ll see that we use the term throughout our site, to help you compare mattresses brand to brand.  We have tried out all of our beds, and use “plush firm” as a comfort level, to let you know how firm or soft the bed is.  But remember, the only manufacturer that actually changes the coil system is Simmons Beautyrest.

Aikenton Plush Firm Euro Top Mattress

Aikenton Plush Firm Euro Top

If you’re interested, check out these plush firm beds: Simmons Beautyrest Aikenton Plush Firm Euro Top, Simmons Beautyrest Keithsburg Plush Firm, and Simmons Beautyrest Elite Vernonburg Plush Firm Pillow Top.  There are many more on the site (click here to see them all), but these are our most popular.  Remember, if you have any questions about plush firm beds, or any bed for that matter, you can contact us online through the chat, email us, or call us anytime.  We’re always happy to help you choose your next mattress from www.drsnooze.com!