Air Adjustable Beds

Air mattresses are a great option for those with changing medical conditions, or for couples who each want their own personalized feel. But did you know that air mattresses are also great for use on adjustable bases? In fact, most hospitals now use air mattresses on their hospital beds!

There are many reasons to purchase air adjustable beds. If you already have a condition that is improved by an airbed, you may also be benefitted by adding the adjustable base. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, acid reflux, vertigo, bad circulation, and diabetes are all aided by using an adjustable bed. Talk to your doctor about how one might help you. In addition to medical reasons, they are great for watching TV in bed, working on your laptop, or reading a book before bed.

There are many adjustable bed mattresses on the market, why would an air mattress be your choice? Endlessly bendable without a chance of sagging, air mattresses are much more durable than innerspring or even foam mattresses. They are also great because you can firm them up for comfortable sitting, but then deflate them to be softer for sleeping. You can adjust the feel for any position you put yourself in!

With so many adjustable beds for sale, which base would make the best adjustable bed for you? Most models have head and foot movement; some have a massage/vibration feature (which works great with the air mattress). It’s advisable to stay away from a heat element, but otherwise, the sky is the limit! Take a critical look at what you’d use, now and in the future, and purchase accordingly.

When you order your mattress, make sure that you check with the manufacturer that it’s approved to work on adjustable bases. They might have to do a simple modification to the edge support, to make sure that it’s as flexible as it needs to be. Also, some of the thicker mattresses with thicker padding may not be approved. If you are not purchasing the mattress and the base from the same company, make sure that you let the company that you’re purchasing the air mattress from that it’s for an adjustable base.

Finally, search out the adjustable beds sale. There are always coupons, deals, discounts, and accommodations out there for those who look for them. Get the best deal that you can, and then sleep comfortably!