Spirit Sleep: The Cleaner Memory Foam

Thinking about a memory foam mattress?  What used to be a one pony show has turned into a competition for the ages.  Why is one mattress better than another?  Aren’t they all just rectangles of foam with a cover on it?  No, no they’re not.  They may all be similar, but one manufacturer is making an effort to promote healthy sleep.  And that manufacturer is…Spirit Sleep.

Never heard of them, eh?  Not surprising, when you think about it.  Memory foam only really started to become popular ten years ago, and only because one company spent millions in advertising.  These companies haven’t been around for a hundred years like Simmons and King Koil, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t make quality bedding or that they aren’t here to stay.  Spirit Sleep is located in Asheville, North Carolina.  They focus on one thing:  making cleaner, healthier memory foam beds.

Green Tea Technology:  We’re not talking about a special brew here, we’re talking about a special type of memory foam.  It’s made with plant oils to eliminate odors and bacteria growth.  Less chemicals to breathe in is better for you.

ActivCharcoal:  Made from coconut husks, ActivCharcoal is in the memory foam itself, to absorb and filter odors, and fight mold and mildew.  Again, less chemicals, better for you.

Silver Science:  That’s right, silver in the cover.  It eliminates allergens, dust mites, molds.  Again, Spirit Sleep adds a NATURAL product that is as effective, if not more than, as the leading chemicals.  It’s odorless, non-irritating, and it never washes out, decreased effectiveness, or needs a recharge.  Amazing.

Add these features to the common features of all memory foam beds: increased circulation, natural support, pressure relief, less motion transfer, long comfort life, and you have a home run.  Check out a Spirit Sleep mattress today, and sleep better, naturally.

Mattress Sizes – Twin Size, Full Size, Queen Size, or King Size?

Here is a comprehensive guide to mattress sizes, from twin size to queen size to king size, to help you select your next mattress:

Twin Size Mattresses – 39” x 75” – These are for only one person, usually a child, since the length is shorter than queen and king sizes.  Daybeds and bunkbeds use twin size mattresses.

Twin XL Size Mattresses – 39” x 80” – Twin XL Mattresses (also called twin long mattresses) are most commonly used for adjustable beds, and in hospitals and college dorm rooms.  While they are a bit longer than twin size, they are still only for one person.

Full Size Mattresses – 54” x 75” – Can you believe that a full size used to be the largest size?  Nowadays, they are really only used for one person, or for limited two person use (as a guest bed).  Some people call these beds double beds.

    Queen Size Mattresses – 60” x 80” – The most popular size, most couples sleep on a queen size mattress.  It’s large enough for two people, and the longer length. 

    King Size Mattresses – 76” x 80” – Ideal for two, most homes built today have “king-sized bedrooms”, and use this as a selling point.  Two people will sleep most comfortably on a bed of this size.

    California King Size Mattresses – 72” x 84” – Four inches narrower and four inches longer than a regular King Mattress, California King Mattresses are for taller sleepers, over 6’6.  It may be more difficult to find sheets and bedding for California King size mattresses.  All of our Simmons Beautyrest mattresses come in a California King size.

Make sure that you measure your room to guarantee that your purchase will fit, and happy sleeping!