Comforpedic vs. Tempurpedic: The Memory Foam Showdown

After scouring the web and seeing a lot of biased opinions, has come out with an unbiased review of Comforpedic mattresses.  All of the information in this blog was graciously learned from their site, and we appreciate the 124 people that own Comforpedic mattresses, and who took the time to rate and review them.

Comforpedic vs. Tempurpedic

Comforpedic is the Best

Side comparison of the ratings of Comforpedic vs. the ratings of Tempurpedic.  Here’s what jumped out at us:

  • While Comforpedic is less expensive, the durability of the mattresses is pretty close, and the owner satisfaction is the same.
  • The Tempurpedic has more odor initially, and is slightly heavier.
  • It’s easier to find a Tempurpedic in retail stores, and their Customer Service and BBB rating are both better.
  • Comforpedic and Tempurpedic are roughly the same when it comes to pain relief, firmness, motion separation, ease of movement, warm sleeping, good for sex, lack of noise and maintenance, and warranty.

The main complaints about Comforpedic are the firmness (they use a high density memory foam), the weight of the mattress (which is a common problem for memory foam mattresses), and heat retention (which again, is a common problem).

Comforpedic scored better than other brands on the following:

  • Comforpedic mattresses have the higher satisfaction ratings than other memory foam brands.
  • Comforpedic mattresses have less initial odor than other brands.
  • Comforpedic mattresses are easier to move on than other memory foam brands.

These comparisons are based on 124 reviews of Comforpedics, and 1,682 Tempurpedic reviews.  When it comes to picking the best brand for you, not all of these comparisons will apply.  You should decide which attributes are the most important to you, and then only look at those relevant ratings.

In our opinion, using the information above as well as our own knowledge of mattresses, the Comforpedic mattress gets a narrow win over the Tempurpedic.  We believe that with the addition of TruTemp gel in the AirCool memory foam helps take care of the heat retention issue, since lab tests have shown that Comforpedic mattresses dissipate heat 2.8x faster than the competition.  We think that the price difference, and the ease of movement go a long way to make the Comforpedic a better deal, and a better sleep.

Thanks, for all of your work!

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