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Are you in the market to buy a new bed? Now you can get new beds online from Dr Snooze, your trusted bed, mattress and bedroom furnishing supplier! Based in Ocala, FL, Dr Snooze serves customers around the nation, offering the best products at the lowest prices possible. And if you find a lower price within 45 days of making your purchase, we’ll gladly refund the difference!


Choose the Right Bed for Your Tastes

Every bedroom has a particular style. Some are more traditional, while others have contemporary leanings. No matter what décor type you need, we have the right bed to fit beautifully in your sleeping space. Best of all, the new beds that you’ll find in both our Ocala, Florida showroom and our online store are all built by manufacturers you know. This gives you peace of mind…and sets the stage for peaceful sleeping!


How to Know When You Need a New Bed

There are several indicators that it’s time to buy a new bed online, such as:

  • Your bed isn’t the right size for your mattress. This is a big problem. The bed frame and mattress should always work together. If your mattress is too small or too large, you’re not getting the support and comfort you deserve.
  • Your bed is broken. This could mean a leg is bent or the frame is slightly off-kilter. Either way, you’re risking hurting yourself. You may also risk voiding your mattress warranty.
  • Your bed doesn’t mesh with the rest of your décor. This is an aesthetic problem, but it’s no less important than other reasons to get a new bed. If the look of your bed makes you unhappy, you may actually find that it’s harder to get to sleep! Buy a bed you’ll love, and enjoy a smile every time you walk into the bedroom.
  • Your current bed isn’t big enough. Are you and your sleeping partner trying to squeeze a good night’s sleep into a twin bed? The results are usually back pain, grogginess and potential physical risks. Get a bed that’s suitable for your needs. If you have a Queen and it isn’t large enough, try upsizing to a King. Conversely, if you have a California King and you no longer want a big bed, get a Twin or Twin XL instead.

The good news is that no matter why you want to buy a new bed, you can feel confident making your selection through Dr Snooze.


Bedding for Your New Bed — Available Online Today!

When you purchase a bed, we encourage you to check out our line of bedding, too. We offer brushed microfiber pillowcases and sheets that are soft to the touch, stain-resistant and available in all the colors you desire. Just like all our products, they’re priced economically.


Call Today With Any Questions, or Chat With Us Online

Dr Snooze makes it easy to get customer service and feedback. You can call our main number at our Ocala, FL facility at 855-377-6669 or use our online help chat. If you’re near our showroom area, drop by and talk to us any time about beds, bedding, mattresses and more!

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