Adjustable Bed Packages

Adjustable Bed Packages

Choose From the Best Adjustable Beds Online for Your Needs

Adjustable beds are some of the most versatile types of sleeping furniture to be invented. Not only do they give sleepers a comfortable place to get their recommended eight hours of sleep, but they also hold up to wear for decades.

Order adjustable bed sets online today from Dr Snooze, based in Ocala, FL and serving customers nationwide!


The Benefits to Owning Adjustable Bed Sets

As you browse through the adjustable bed packages you see at Dr Snooze, you may wonder about the benefits of owning and using adjustable beds and mattresses. Some of the biggest pros include:


  • Reduced back and hip pain. If you require a sleeping position that alleviates the pressure on your back and hips, you may find that an adjustable bed can get you into that position more comfortably and suitably. It’s much more convenient — and safer — than stacking up pillows and blankets!
  • Improved breathing and reduced snoring. Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition affecting millions of people. It creates issues with breathing during sleep, and its major symptom is loud snoring. If you or a sleeping partner has sleep apnea, an adjustable bed can help alleviate this issue and give you a less noisy sleep.
  • Reduced acid reflux and related gastrointestinal issues. Whether you get acid reflux once in a while, or you have it regularly, you’re apt to find that by raising your torso when you sleep, you can reduce nightly reflux. This will leave you with fewer sore throats and upset stomach problems.
  • Fewer pains associated with arthritis and uncomfortable sleeping positions. Arthritis sufferers have to be cautious during sleep, because their swollen joints can become irritated by being forced into unnatural positions for long periods of time.

If you’re near the Ocala, FL region, we would be more than happy to have you try one of our adjustable bed bases. Of course, if you already know that you are interested in adjustable bed packages and you live in the United States, just order the one you want and we’ll deliver it right to your door. Remember that shipping of all mattresses more than $599 is free.


Adjustable Bed Packages for Every Budget

Did you think that an adjustable bed package was out of your price range? Think again! Dr Snooze negotiates the best prices possible for adjustable bed sets. Our buying power is then transferred to you, which means you’ll have more money in your wallet as well as a brand new adjustable mattress and frame! Of course, if you find the same adjustable bed priced lower within 45 days of your purchase from Dr Snooze, let us know. We’ll refund you the difference!


Customer Service and Support Made Just for Mattress Buyers Like You

Contact Dr Snooze any time at 855-377-6669 with your questions, or use our online chat to get help. We make getting sleep easier than counting sheep!

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