Adjustable Bases

Adjustable Bases

Adjustable Base Bed Frames

If you’re like most adults, you associate the adjustable bed with a hospital or clinical setting. Today’s adjustable beds are for much more than recuperating, though. Healthy individuals can enjoy a better night’s sleep in adjustable beds, while reducing back pain and lowering extremity swelling, snoring, sleep apnea, indigestion and other common problems. Adjustable beds are also popular for people who like to read, work or watch television in the privacy of their own bedroom. For these reasons, adjustable beds are growing in popularity across nearly every demographic, not only among individuals who choose them for health reasons.

Although selecting the right mattress is important, don’t overlook the adjustable bed frame. The bed frame is the equipment that’s going to give you the functionality you need and want. Some models provide basic, remote-controlled motion at the top and bottom of the mattress, while others include additional features such as massage capability and charging outlets for technology. If you’ve made the decision to purchase an adjustable base bed, Dr Snooze can help you choose the frame that’s perfect for your needs.


The Differences Between an Adjustable Bed Foundation and a Regular Bed Foundation

As you browse through the adjustable bed frame options from our Ocala, Florida, headquarters, you may be surprised to notice that although they have tremendous benefits, they do not look much different than traditional bed frames. This is one of their most attractive features — after all, you want a bed that looks great and fits all your sheets and coverings.

The difference lies in what your adjustable bed frame can do, not in the way it appears. Some of the biggest differences include:


  • Movability. A traditional bed frame cannot and should not move, as it is designed to be stationary. This is fine for some sleepers, but many people, especially as they age, find sleeping flat to be difficult. They may even be told by a physician that sleeping in a prone position could be risky for their health! The solution is an adjustable bed base with multiple positions.
  • Durability. Because of incredible engineering, the adjustable bed bases you get from our Ocala store are built to last. They are strong and sturdy, exactly what you would want from any adjustable bed frame. Paired with the right adjustable bed mattress, you will be ready to enjoy the rest you might not currently be getting.
  • Comfort. Think that buying an adjustable bed frame and mattress from Dr Snooze won’t be noticeable? Think again! Customers often comment on how shocked they are at the way that their adjustable bed mattress supports them in all the right ways. Discover for yourself why an adjustable bed is a smart investment.
  • Adaptability. Want to sit up in bed and read? Feel like working on your laptop tonight? Just raise your adjustable bed frame and mattress, and you’ll be ready to go. Never fuss with trying to prop yourself up with pillows again.

Whether you are looking for queen adjustable bed frames, king adjustable bed frames or twin adjustable bed frames, Dr Snooze is ready with the adjustable bed foundations you need. Have yours shipped today from Ocala, Florida, and begin your journey to healthier sleep. Remember that all adults should be getting eight hours of complete and total rest each evening. If your sleep isn’t adding up, it’s time to call Dr Snooze and get an adjustable bed frame.


Adjustable Base Bed Options

Dr Snooze is a leading supplier of adjustable beds and we offer a variety of adjustable, or electric beds (electric hospital beds) to choose from. We carry:


  • Adjustable bases from brands such as Ergomotion, Simmons Beautyrest and Serta. These are some of the best adjustable bed bases in the business, and you can trust that your investment will last. 
  • Affordable adjustable bed bases from top manufacturers such as Serta and Simmons Beautyrest. Worried you can’t afford adjustable bed frames? You’ll love our prices and our price match guarantee! 
  • Luxury adjustable bed bases encased in an attractive frame. You don’t have to give up style to get an adjustable bed and mattress from Dr Snooze. 
  • Adjustable bed bases in queen, king and twin XL sizes. Our goal is to provide you with an adjustable bed frame for any bed. 
  • Bed bases with remote controls for easy operation. One touch of a button is all you need for all-night comfort.

Regardless of the features you want, Dr Snooze has an adjustable bed base for your needs. Our basic options have head and foot mobility, and use a wired remote, and include the Motion Essentials and Softide 2100 Base.  Our upgraded electric adjustable beds also have head and foot mobility, but add a massage feature, complete with wave motions and a timer, and have a wireless remote that allows for pre-programmed settings.  Our upgraded bases include the Softide 5100 Base.  

For true quality and a wide variety of features, explore our deluxe base, available from Simmons. This deluxe base, the Nuflex base has all of these other features, plus exquisite tailoring, a power outlet at the side for electronics, and a side pocket for the remote or other items. The NuFlex is the ideal choice for individuals who want the comfort and convenience of an adjustable bed without the basic appearance of the standard adjustable frame.  For the ultimate in comfort and luxury, the Softide 8300 has all of the other options, plus an additional adjustable lumbar support, as well as a head tilt option.  The Softide 8300 is the best of the best, and will provide the most customization for the greatest amount of comfort.


Find Your Perfect Adjustable Bed Frame at Dr Snooze 

Dr Snooze is committed to selling the highest quality beds, bed frames and bedding products at the lowest possible prices. If you see a bed frame we have advertised here for less money elsewhere, let us know. We’ll beat the lower price by up to 15%! When you shop at Dr Snooze, you’ll also get:


  • Hassle-free online orders
  • The option to purchase your adjustable bed and bed frame over time
  • Free shipping on orders over $599
  • Free White Glove delivery
  • A minimum 30-day comfort guarantee when you purchase any mattress from Dr Snooze


Test Adjustable Bed Frames at Dr Snooze 

Visit our Dr Snooze location and see for yourself why this trend is growing in popularity! Our sales team is happy to help you choose the frame that’s right for you.

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