BeautyRest Mattress – Why People Love Beautyrest Mattresses

Just in case you’ve missed all of my other articles, blogs, and posts, here we go again.  Read it through, I guarantee that one of these will apply to you…Mattresses for Deep Sleep

  • Better sleep because they can’t feel their partner – this is because of the individually pocketed coils.  True, it’s not exactly the newest innovation, but it’s still working better than any other coil system out there.  Each partner only affects the coils underneath them.  This is also great for partners that weigh different amounts; they won’t end up in a hole in the middle of the mattress.
  • Less back pain when they wake up – again, this is partly the coil system.  Since the coils are individual, they conform better to the curves in the body, and support more evenly.  Pair this with AirCool foam, which cushions and supports, and there goes your back pain.
  • Less tossing and turning – this is due to the coil system and that AirCool foam, as explained in the previous point.
  • The bed feels bigger – one of the great benefits of foam encasement.  All Beautyrest mattresses have foam encased edge support, which means that there is a border of extra firm foam, wrapping the bed around the edges.  You can sleep on the edge of the bed without feeling like you’re falling off, and it makes for a great seating edge too.  Foam encased edge support is also very durable.
  • Never have any warranty problems – Beautyrest has the lowest return rate in the industry, when compared to other innerspring companies.  That’s because they just don’t sag, and they are made to last.  Every bed that comes off of the Beautyrest line is perfect and passes strict quality control standards.
  • The box spring never squeaks or breaks – no matter how much “action” is happening on top of the bed, the foundation is still going to be rock solid.  This is because they are reinforced with steel, and have a grid on the top of the foundation to evenly support the mattress.  They weigh a ton, and last forever.
  • Never sleep hot again – every model has AirCool Foam.  AirCool foam is specially formulated to increase air flow in the mattress, while cushioning the pressure points of the sleeper.  Also, every model has a natural fiber cotton cover, which is breathable.  They also have ventilated edge support, and a way for air to escape out the side of the mattress.  It’s a whole system of cooling, just for you.

These were just what I had on the top of my head; there are probably a bunch more reasons why people love their Beautyrest beds.  Think for a minute about your old bed, and then how much better a Beautyrest would be!

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